Monday, November 24, 2014

Kobe Marathon Report


  1. Thanks for the apology young Scott. You are letting us down! We want you to run 2:30-something at least! Well, at least the 2:39:59 we know you can for a start.

    I think you're on the right track, with the anciliary exercises and getting marathon fit. I'd suggest learning to run without the watch. Well, turn it on and off when you finish (including in races), but don't look at the bloody thing! Get a good feel for the correct speed in different types of training. Good to hear you've pulled up well. Take your time easing back into the build-up for Boston.

  2. From what you've said you're shaping up perfectly for Boston. That 2.58 is a super time given your battles on the day. Saving your best for the holy grail of courses is a master stroke and something Lydiard would have endorsed. You have no serious injury, you're fit and looking good which is the main thing.

    I do think you may well benefit from the odd hilly weekly trail run. As above your watch will become less important out there and the strength gained can't be underestimated ... just saying.

    A pat on the back once again from me.

  3. Well done. It seems to me that you certainly have the ability to go sub 2-40.
    I have not run Boston but what I have heard it's a killer on the quads ( and of course some hills at the end ). Making your body as strong as possible is certainly the way to go.
    Good luck.

  4. Thanks Mark can always trust you to put a positive spin on things. Also it is interesting that you said that about the "odd hilly weekly trail run" as only yesterday did I read that Yuki Kawauchi does on of these per week in his training! I will look to include them, thanks again.

    And Jon I think I owe you an apology too. I have been ignoring your strength workouts thinking I had the answers with my just running policy but thinking about it now I'm sure you wouldn't be running the times that you are still without it. I know many guys half your age who can't break 4 hours to save their life. I guess that I'm getting old too as I'm really starting to listen to other people. ;) Even Ewen! Perhaps if I did before I'd already be a sub 2:40 man. ;)

    1. You're learning grasshopper. Make every day count between now and Boston. And until age stops you from running PBs. Then run 60+ PBs :)

  5. sounds like you know what you have to do for boston. stay positive and well done on another sub-3 marathon