Sunday, October 26, 2014

Taking the good with the bad.

Been checking about side-stitches and how they may be caused. Below is taken from an internet article:

 "This was demonstrated in a 2004 study which used 40 athletes with a history of side stitches during exercise. On separate occasions, each subject was given a controlled amount of weakly-flavored water, a sports drink, fruit juice, or no fluids at all. After ingesting the fluid, the subjects completed a treadmill run and reported any abdominal pain. The fruit juice, with its high concentration of sugar, was much more likely to cause a side stitch than any of the other conditions. And the sports drink, which had a medium concentration of sugar, appeared to cause more severe side stitches than no fluids at all (though less so than the fruit juice), though this finding just escaped statistical significance."

At this event they were giving away sports drink in cups and I had four of them before my race and as well I downed an "apple" syrup gel that came in my complementary pack 20 mins before the race. I've never done either of these things before racing before, but I forgot the old rule of never doing something you don't usually do before your races. Stupid I know but I keep forgetting that I'm also subject to the things other humans are subject to. ;)

So frustrating! But I hope, at least, someone can learn from it! I've learn't my lesson,  well until the next time I forget it! ;)


  1. Know exactly what you mean Scott. I'd stop once in training on a long run for a drink and yet in my first Rotorua marathon I stopped at every drinks station. Nine cups later I was sure I had a ruptured appendix and considered asking for help. Turns out it was just the biggest 'serve me right' stitch ever. They sure can be very nasty.

  2. Very interesting. Sometimes our kids on the American School team get stitches and of course no one ever knew why. Now there's a possible explanation - and way to avoid them. Thanks.

  3. I haven't had one for decades. Used to get them at 'once a week' school cross country runs - thought because I was trying to run too fast for my breathing capability. The fruit juice theory sounds plausible too.
    One thing that would have contributed was running a 3:20 first k - what were you thinking?! Trying to run 33-flat pace for 10k! Crazy stuff if you're not fit enough to do it. First k should have been no faster than 3:30 (unless the first k went off a cliff).

  4. You are right Ewen. Let's just call it a youthful rush of blood. ;)

  5. That's a lot of sugar before a race Scott. Certainly a good lesson. Glad to hear that the youthful blood is still flowing.