Thursday, October 02, 2014

Kobe Marathon training, ticking along.


  1. Sounds like you're going well Scott. Running the 10k as a hard tempo effort with something in reserve was a good idea. As you say, faster recovery and probably more beneficial to the overall training plan than a hard race. Interesting about running without the music, being mindful of how you're moving and how the body is feeling from moment to moment. That ability will be especially useful for the last 10k of the marathon. Keep on trucking old son!

  2. Yeah Ewen I think it will prove helpful. I'm going to work at trying to relax fully while doing so. BTW do you run while listening to audio books or music or the like?

    1. I used to listen to music when doing Hadd training (lots of miles) to pass the time. Listen to audio books in the car on trips - A Walk in the Woods the most recent one - really good audio book! Most of my runs are 10k or less now, so just listen to nature (the flapping wings of magpies).

  3. Good to hear things are going well. Smart move to avoid arguments and the like the night before a race/run. Relaxing the mind is becoming more important to me at least these days.