Friday, February 28, 2014

Nagano Marathon ( 7 Weeks to go )


  1. Good luck in the half.

  2. Let's see…you have a continuing hamstring problem, which gets worse when you do a tempo workout. The prescription for that is: rest and light running. But you are going to…race a half marathon. Hmmmm….

  3. No one is ever going to accuse me of being smart! I already paid for it so I'm going to run. I figure if I can't run a decent half tomorrow and pull up after this one and another half on the 30th of this month then I will pull the plug on the Nagano full.

    Got to test my legs, it's better to fail here then during the full marathon. Today I went to an osteopath and he reckons most of my problems with my hips and glutes and hamstrings are coming from really tight ankles! He worked on them a bit and I felt much better directly after and most of the day. Although I have a strange feeling in my lower back right now, on both of the hips, kind of tightness and stinging.

    I'm booked to see this guy next week again and the clinic is close to my house so I'm hopeful that this guy can fix me. Desperate to run freely again.