Saturday, February 08, 2014

Breath of life!

Like I talked about in my last video post I've been laid up in bed for 4 days. Today the doctor diagnosed me with a chest infection and asthma. This condition has me coughing like a demented hyena and it's been like trying to breathe with an elephant sitting on my chest (Got to love the African animal metaphors).

This had me thinking about this "TED" talk by David Blaine. In it he talks about his attempt at the world record for holding ones breath (16 minutes 30 something). Amazing feat and for runners something we should take note of.

We of course need to get in shape by doing what we do, that is running yet we should also get our mind and body in shape by learning how to relax, slowdown our heart-rate and train our bodies to take more oxygen out of our blood. We could, I think anyway, turn this added ability into better races from 5K to the marathon.

I have a touch of exercise induced asthma and a family history of bronchitis so learning to get control of my breathing is doubly important. When I do recover from this I'll get back into the training and start practicing with specific exercises to increase the lung capacity and see if it doesn't help my next marathon attempt.

Below is the talk by David Blaine please enjoy. I think he is a little touched but love the guy and what he is about!



  1. Hope your healthy and back at it soon, Scott!

  2. My son suffers from bronchitis and exercise-induced asthma whenever he gets a major cold. It's so debilitating. He feels so exhausted and it takes a couple of weeks to pick up once he starts to improve. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Thanks for the replies guys. So you're back in the old dart Stephen? For how long? That should make for better training conditions. And yes Char, it certainly hit this "boy" for a six!