Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Running In Japan Episode 6

New episode of "Running in Japan" I'll put up a more personal post shortly but just to let you know everything is on track for the Osaka Marathon and I remain injury free!


  1. Thank you for sharing this video, Keep us updating.

    Jacob of running Philippines

  2. Scott, I watched the first 6 minutes. Maybe if it was 15 minutes I'd watch the whole thing. Bit short of time is my excuse. Having said that, don't think you're going to get any young'uns watching a Youtube video that's longer than 30 seconds ;)

    Glad you're listening to the old bod and taking those days off. Should pay off over the next final weeks of training.

  3. You're right Ewen, pretty much have to cut these down, surely people don't have the time. Trouble with all this new media far too much content available and little time to get into it. We'll see if we can't make some sort of compromise.

    Anyway, yes those few days of here and there over the last few weeks have me uninjured and running strong. I'll put something up about this shortly.