Saturday, October 13, 2012

Osaka marathon training WK 6

Don't Run Sick!

I think the combination of the half mara on Saturday and the 3000m track race on Monday with the 100 mile week enabled the sinus infection to take hold. I've pretty much had sinus problems since my early 20s but the last 5 years they seem to be recurring with a greater frequency. Two a year on average now.

If there are any runners who also suffer with sinus please let me know as I'm still not sure what brings it on and how, if possible, to stop them from happening. This latest one was no fun at all, I had a phlegm blockage that had my nose looking like Arnies' in that scene from "Total Recall" when he was trying to pull that tracking device out of his nostril (see below)!

Anyway, back to the training this afternoon.


  1. Yes, possibly your immune system was weakened from those two races. You should check your training diary and see if similar events preceded the previous sinus infections.

  2. I take a daily dose of L-Glutamine to ensure that I don't come down with things like this when I am training hard/susceptible to virus's due to low immunity.

    Tesso takes a daily anti-histamine EVERY DAY of the year to avoid her sinus issues.

    Do what works best for you. Definitely the immune system will be weak in the times of high intensity/mileage so you can aim to do something to boost it prior to and during these periods.
    Hope it improves quickly!

  3. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, plus distill all your drinking water!
    Hope you recover soon!

  4. My advice is don't open the pliers by mistake when you've got them up your nose. Recall seeing that one on the big screen - fun movie.

    As Bob said, in retrospect, two hard races that close was a dumb idea. My other tip: Vicks vapour rub on your chest at night. Get your wife to rub it in, but don't offer to do hers ;)