Saturday, October 06, 2012

Half Mara Race Report

Did the half marathon with the Kansai Ladies Marathon club today.  Pretty good run for this time of year, was 28 degrees when we finished. At this stage of my build up I simply needed to get the body used to marathon race pace which I pretty much did.

My time 1:21:58 is over what I will be wanting to run in the Osaka marathon in 8 weeks but feel that by that time, with the extra training and atmosphere of Osaka and the cooler temperatures, I shouldn't have too many problems running a little faster.

I think today I would have run faster but I was running on my own the whole way. The fast leaders took off and the few that were with me dropped back in the first few Ks. I wasn't looking at my watch and couldn't rely on the group to help me move along. This will not be a problem in Osaka. I expect to latch on to a speedy group and hang with them!

On Monday, day after tomorrow, I'll race a 3000m on the track and as Ewen said I'll have to be careful not to pull a hamstring trying to out kick some younger dude, but if I can put in a decent time it will be another positive for Osaka.

Hope you're well. On my way out now to get a massage and then for a nap! Life is good!!


  1. Too bad you didn't have any Kansai Ladies to run with.

    To answer your question, no, I have never done Boston before. Looking forward to it!

  2. I heard the Wesley Girls of Boston are an experience not to be missed! Let us know all about it I plan to run it the year I turn 50!

  3. So were you running by yourself because the Kansai lady runners didn't think your deodorant was up to scratch?

    That was a good hit-out Scott. Agree that 28 at the end is way too hot & you'll be cruising through the half way mark at Osaka in 1:20.

  4. ha ha @ Ewen. Good run Scott. Very decent and a good indicator that Osaka could be something special if all things go to plan.