Monday, October 08, 2012

3000 meter track race

Did my first 3000 meter track race today as part of the events associated with the "Sakai City Olympics." Actually I've never raced on the track and think this is due to a couple of reasons. Firstly haven't had the opportunity but mostly it's cause the shorter distances freak me out, and hurt.

While I don't really bat an eyelid running a fast 3K on the road, 3000 meters on the track does my head in for some strange reason. Anyway I think I should try to do much more track racing. I could be wrong but I think our friend in Ireland "Beer Matt" from "Marathon Exploits" once blogged that it was only after starting to run regularly on the track that his distance times started to come down significantly.

I guess if I do the same the fear factor will diminish and my times will start to come down too. Got any thoughts on racing track? And my first attempt at 10:25:51 ? I was disappointed with it and thought I could have gone a lot faster today, but simply couldn't. Anyway what doesn't kill you as they say.....Blah blah blah.

(Above photo: My mate Tiho from Bulgaria came to watch me run today.)


  1. That's not a bad first attempt Scott. 10:25.51, so electronic timing to 100ths. Love that. A couple of days after a solid HM isn't ideal.

    Track racing? Yes, I think you should go with it. Great discipline and training. Even Deek used to race 1500s and 3000s on the track and he'd always get outsprinted in the last lap, but he'd kick arse in the marathon. Getting your track times down will serve you well in the marathon. Look at Troopy, Paula Radcliffe etc, all ex track racers.

  2. I would say 10:25 on fresh legs only so-so for you, but a few days after a half...pretty good.

    We could add Gebreselasie and a few others to Ewen's list.