Monday, March 12, 2012


Just happen to search youtube for something on Kyoto marathon and found one clip taken and uploaded by someone I don't know. The bizarre thing is they caught me and my family on it! Out of all the time (7 hours) of runners coming into the goal they got us in the one minute clip.

You can see me hunched and crawling in from 20~25 seconds. You can see my family from 37 seconds to 54 second, first boy in blue jacket and green hat, next woman in brown coat and younger boy in orange jacket with blue hat and ear muffs. You can even hear them talking! Too bloody weird!!


  1. And you could see them walking off into the distance. That's unbelievable that they caught all of you.

  2. One of your many secret admirers, obviously.

  3. I've got a secret admirer? Cool , now that might explain my missing briefs and recent hair loss!

  4. I can see your 'hunched over' form in that one! Get the injuries sorted then pile on some consistent training and there'll be no stopping you!

    Massive crowd support - the banging from those clapping things would be enough to inspire anyone to a PB ;)

  5. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Hi Scott,

    Thinking to go to Japan in November for marathon + holiday.

    Between Kobe and Osaka, which marathon do you think is more PB conducive? (both course profile and conditions).

    Been browsing the website and blogs, people said Osaka has some hills in the first 5k and then a 'monster' bridge after km 35. Are these hills difficult?

    Couldn't find a lot of info on Kobe, but it sounds last year race was held in wet and windy condition.

    Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

  6. Adam from US9:00 PM

    I thought Osaka was a good course. I didn't really notice the hills (I don't recall a monster bridge). But it was very hot and humid, and I was undertrained.

  7. Hey stranger,long time no hear,hope all is well

  8. Are you still running Scott? Or have you started your stand-up career now?