Sunday, May 13, 2012

Long overdue update


  1. Sorry to hear that, hope it will clear up soon.

  2. sounds like your going through the same problem I had in Jan-Feb.
    my advice is when you start back running start on grass.
    Start very gradually, something like one minute run and one minute walk for say a total of 10 mins at first.
    look at using more padded shoes when you return to the road!
    I recommend SPIRA shoes.
    massage the tendon as well as the calf every day!
    Don't over stretch!
    Ice after each run.
    To help rebuild the damaged tendon.
    eggs are really good because they contain first class protein plus important cholesterol which is needs to repair damaged cells!
    Be very patient, tendons due to there poor blood supply take a long time to recover.
    But don't give up hope Scott.
    All the best mate.

  3. As videos are blocked at work I only have a blank screen but it sounds like you're hurt (from the other comments). Humility is the first step to recovery (I just made that up and it could be complete bollocks but it would look good as an 'inspriational quote')

  4. Is that UNIVERSITY jumper telling us you're backwards in coming forwards?

    Good to hear from you Scott, even if the circumstances aren't that great. I'm sure you're onto all the info to fix dodgy achilles. For me, the big one was the shoe I was wearing at the time - make sure it's soft where it touches the achilles. Yes, calf stretching is a good one. Also, don't take certain antibiotics - some have a side-effect of stiffening the achilles. I think ammoxycilin (sp?) is OK, but don't quote me on that.