Sunday, March 11, 2012

Breakthrough another day!

The last 100 meters, man was I hurting! In fact the last 3K was the longest I've ever experienced.

Had a bit of a horror today! Still trying to understand the main problem. Chief amongst the problems, cramps and hills!

Actually fully expected to get sub 2:40 but never really got going today. I'll post a video blog tomorrow after a little more thought. Thanks for your continued support.

A humbled, and broken Scott.

2:52 something.

Photo with family after the race today. And a couple from Japan Running News. Kyoto is a beautiful city!

Kyoto Marathon t-shirt design. on Twitpic

Thumbs up on Kyoto Marathon, esp this finish. on Twitpic

Just thought I'd add a comment I read by Nathan Pennington on Arata Fujiwara about the ups and downs of marathon racing.

"Arata Fujiwara, a 1:04 half-marathoner and former '2:38' marathoner from Japan ran 2:08 at the 2008 Tokyo Marathon, a major breakthrough and that is JUST ONE of many examples of MANY men and women who made huge improvements because they believed in what they were doing when others just talked!. The japanese dont quit and I may not be the fastest but atleast I can share in that characteristic, MANY men have run 2:19, in fact it is not that fast at all, but a 2:38 marathoner going to 2:08 shows a great amount of tenacity and hard work."

And look what he did this year at Tokyo!

I will use this experience and continue to have patience!


  1. Scott, sorry to hear you didn't make your goal. At least you were out there. I have been laid out in bed for 3 days with a nasty flu. I was the one cheering you on just before the 37k mark just after the turn away from the river. I was really looking forward to the run today and am very disappointed that I didn't get to run.
    Adam (from California, living in Kyoto this year just near the 37 k mark)

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  3. Adam, actually talked to my wife about you! Wondered who you were. I think I looked a beaten man at that stage.

    Sorry to hear that you weren't able to run! Damn hard to get to the line health and then anything can happen. No an easy sport this marathon running.

    But a day will come when everything falls into place and then all the problems will make it just that much better!

    Until then we should keep running!

    BTW how old are you?

  4. Sorry Scott. If it was cramping you could have had Troopy's problem - the cold weather (looks cold from the coats in the photo). Is there another you can do (flatter course too) in a couple of months? I'm sure you're in shape to break 2:40.

    Big breakthrough from the Aussie girl at Nagoya to run 2:31, so keep believing - you can do it!

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  6. Thanks Ewen.

    But done for now! I've got a 1 more 10K at the end of April and then nothing until October.

    If it was just the cramps, I would try again but I'm still carrying a few injuries that reared their ugly heads on various times during today's run.

    Plan is to finally find out what they are, fix them and get back to the PBs.

    I definitely have a sub 2:40 in me and won't give up on sub 2:30 until I'm 53 with 4 failures behind me. Starting now!

    Thanks again.

  7. I was pretty sure you heard me since I saw the brief "runners wave" you pointed at me :)

    I ran my first (and now only) masters marathon at Osaka in October; turned 40 just after we arrived in kyoto. Some friends of mine were asking me if there were any other races coming up in the next month or two that I could take advantage of my training for. I honestly haven't seen any; if there are any that are open and soon, I'd love to hear about them.

  8. That's the trouble with the marathon Scott, everything has to go right on the day - any niggle gets magnified 10 fold compared to a shorter race. Great attitide about never giving up. I know it's all relative, but 2:52 for me is a dream.

  9. Good story about Fujiwara! I want to be reading a similar one about you on or before your 53rd birthday!