Monday, February 06, 2012

5 weeks to go!

Not really related to running but this clip is amazing to watch (Thanks Mary). A year in the life of Japan and its earthquakes. To know just how much seismic activity there is here and still be able to sleep at night says a lot about us here. Good and bad! Note March 11th 2011! Coincidently the Kyoto marathon will be held on the 1st anniversary of this tragic event.

The next 5 weeks I have this basic plan. Firstly to get down to 60kgs or slightly less (63kgs now).

To get faster. I feel I have some speed but will start on some intervals and a lot of smooth fast pace striding over the next 4 weeks to improve on that.

I need to build my endurance: Yesterday I did a hilly 32Ks at about 4:30 per K pace and feel beat up today. So maybe I should slow down on these runs. My marathon plan has me tapering on the long runs from the week after next but I haven't been getting in many long runs because of so many races on Sundays recently. So I'm not going to taper that hard. I want to get in at least 3 more over 30K long runs in before the marathon as I need them for confidence and to help get the weight off.

As the Kyoto marathon is hilly I can't go into it carrying any extra weight. I know that if I'm light and race fit I'll be able to handle the hills. It is really up and down until about 25K and if I can get to there on pace it's overall down from there and I'll definitely be looking at a PB!

So if I can stay healthy, fix my lingering groin problems, and get to the line light and with a big enough endurance base and I can jag a good weather day in March, I might be looking at hitting the 2:30s!

A lot of bloody "ifs" I know but this is the game!

Running with Album: Odyssey Number Five (above) these days. Easy to run to!


  1. Sub 2.40 would be very cool indeed :0]

  2. I wish I had 5 weeks - I've only got 3 to Tokyo.
    4:30 pace for a hilly 32k is a pretty damn good run.

  3. There are no guarantees in marathon racing - where would the fun be if there was? But when all those ifs come to fruition, it's an amazing feeling.

  4. What weight would constitute "light and race fit" for you? And how tall are you?

  5. I'm 170 cm and I've seen elites of this size down as light as 53kgs but for me I think I can race best at 59~60kgs.

    That said I did a PB in the half this year and I was 3kgs heavier than I was when I PBed the same race 2 years ago! So perhaps I'm getting stronger and don't need to be much lighter than now?

    Any thoughts?

  6. I know you're not being silly going for the lighter weight (no eating disorder), so 60kg should be good. If you're looking like you need a good feed, you're probably the right weight ;)

    I don't think a 4:30 k ave for a hilly long run is too quick. Depends a bit on total weekly mileage and other sessions you're doing though. I used to run the Cotter (very hilly) 15 mile in around 1:50 when the 2:40 guys were doing 1:35 or so. But if you're doing some long tempo running and high weekly miles you could back off the effort a tad on the weekly long run.

  7. You're fairly close to the great George Sheehan's recommended ideal racing weight - 57kg for long distance and 59kg for middle distance. I on the other had would have to lose 12kg.