Monday, January 30, 2012

Osaka Half Marathon

Me and Mr. Boatman post race.

I'm really an idiot sometimes.

Woman's race was great to watch live!

Well happy to have finally got a PB! It's been a while. With lack of fitness and injury I haven't PBed in like 2 years! Although I was running OK I was stuck on a bit of a plateau. But being able to run well yesterday still slightly injured and with a heavy cold has given me hope for the future and the races ahead.

At the end of yesterday's race I got talking with a Mr. Ogawa. I started talking to him because he looked my age and had already half dressed, ready to leave. He turned out to be 46 a year younger than me and if I ever thought this was the end of my PBs he has definitely changed my mind! His finish time 1:12:00 and a bit, mine 1:18:03! By the way this guy is ranked number 2 in Japan for his age group in the marathon at 2:30:00 something!

I got a way to got but happily heading in the right direction!


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    fantastic. congrats on the pb scott. hope this is the start of a good year full of records broken

  2. Great result Scott, well deserved. Fantastic time

  3. Well done...great run.

  4. That's great news. Bask in the glory and enjoy.

  5. Congratulations. Running that with a cold is even more impressive than with a slight injury (you always have a slight injury).
    Thanks for taking care of my friend Tom.
    I see in the results that a 51-year-old ran 1:14:52.
    No 60 year olds in the top 100, I'm glad to see.

  6. Fantastic result especially after the stress of last weekend's race. You certainly are on the up and up - well deserved!

  7. Good on you Scott. Knew you could do it (once you stopped following my training advice).

    Get after that 51-year-old's time! Sub-1:15, then go after the 1:12s.

  8. What? I don't even get a mention for my twitter medical advice for the cold!

    Well done,

    Your twitter GP.

  9. Great run Scott. Hope to beat 1:20 in the next couple of months too.
    You've got a great challenge already in beating that 1:15 time in the 50-60 age category. Go for it!

  10. Great race, well done on the PB. You are giving me hope that I can keep going for PBs for a few more years.

  11. Just catching up with your news,FANTASTIC result :0]
    I'd really like to here more about your training using the Lydiard website ?
    That photo made me laugh, kind of reminded me of this