Monday, January 23, 2012

Takatsuki Half or when a PB is not a PB


  1. If that was you pissed off, what are you like calm? I would have been LIVID!

    Incidentally, re your groin injury, you might be interested in an exercise my Pilates instructor gave us last Wednesday. I can't remember exactly what the exercise was, but she stood with her hand between her legs (she's a really cute butterball of a woman) and said, in her usual placid way, "Imagine taking the elevator to the 6th floor when you breathe in but only taking it down to the 4th floor as you breathe out."

    I did the exercise (which I can't remember now) trying to imagine this elevator thing happening in my groin area. I'm sure it did SOMETHING wonderful, if only because I couldn't stop smiling while I was doing it!


  2. Next time .. GO SCOTT!

  3. Yes, you're a real ball of fire.
    The organizers are lucky I wasn't running. i would have gone over to the HQ tent and absolutely exploded. I would have demanded the 6th place trophy and my money back. I would have ranted and screamed for about 10 minutes, making sure they were thoroughly uncomfortable. They would have been damn sorry they stopped me.
    And speaking of stopping, you should have stopped your watch. Obviously, the time you were stopped did not count as running time. So you get a PB with an asterisk.
    Good luck at Osaka.

  4. You can tell Bob's a westerner ;)

    There was this one time Scott when you were more riled up... remember when I left my wallet at home and you had to pay for our meals and drinks?

    When I saw it on Twitter I thought they'd stopped the race for a train. Just cars? Yes, next time go the Dukes of Hazard and yell out in your most civilised Japanese "P off out of here, I'm comin' the F through!"

    P.S. There'll be no need for asterisk as next week you'll run 1:17 or better.

  5. FUCK that's like a hideous nightmare Scott!
    I don't think anyone including an armed police officer would have stopped me if I was on my way to a P.B.
    On a positive note it's great to hear your in fantastic form.
    Next race your kill it no question mate!
    Peace shoot to kill :0]

  6. I can't believe how calm you are about this. What a monumental stuff up.

  7. For fuck sake! I always thought Japanese races would be extremely well organised.

  8. Very restrained Scott, you're losing touch with your western ways. By definition that was not a race - a fun run at best. If they advertised beforehand that runners could be stopped to let traffic past then no one would show up. All the best in Osaka.

  9. I can't see the blog post???

  10. Wow a real Runners Nightmare scenario!
    Astounding. I'd have stopped my watch and bulldozed my way past.
    Definitely get a refund of race entry and costs.
    Good luck next Sunday hope you use the anger to run a PB.
    Till then, calm down Scott, dont get over excited!

  11. Sucks the BIG ONE! But looking forward to hearing the Osaka story now!

  12. So glad you have now PB'd. I have managed to download your video and listen/watch it.

    That happened here to me but it was a casual race and it was clearly for the safety of others. But honestly I thought how horridly organised are these events that traffic management can't be used (cars stopped) for no more than 10 minutes (my race was a 5km one).

    Drives you insane especially when you pay decent entry fees and in your situation - when you have the opportunity to earn status (be that trophy or a masters placing).

    You are the better person/runner for using your anger not to berate the organisers but to perform better at your very next race.

    So very happy and proud of you for your PB. Keep up the excellent efforts my friend.