Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sakai New Year's 10K


  1. I like your idea of posting videos instead of writing.
    36 mins for 10k is a great start to the year.
    I wish you the best with the half and full marathons.
    Advice for p.b. ing, well I guess YOUR THOUGHTS WILL PRODUCE YOUR DESIRES!
    Believe you can do it, REALLY BELIEVE it!

  2. I like your tip on the sepia tone. If ever I have to do a video and have bags under my eyes I'll use it - cause it worked pretty well for you.

    Great job on the race. I like that you're taking pressure off yourself to PB at every race and focussing on the one you really want.

  3. You look more distinguished in sepia. One would never guess you're a famous comedian on Twitter.

    As Rick said, BELIEVE. And imagine the alternative to not PBing is having your head held under the surf until you nearly drown ;)

    Short taper over the last 4 days with 'a little' intensity (3 x 1k at 3:30 for example), then get the pacing (effort) right from the start. Don't make any major moves before 14k.

  4. Good advice from Ewen! I agree with that.
    Hope you get over your stomach/groin problem - strange that it has lasted so long. But if you're talking about PBing, I guess it's not bothering you so much.

  5. Anonymous2:26 AM

    i don't know about sepia tone, at the moment a brown bag is the best option for me!

    last year i ran shorter races during high mileage weeks as part of marathon preparation and set a number of pbs; it seems to take the pressure off, for me anyway

  6. Run fast Scott. That usually works for me. Although 2 weeks is leaving it a bit tight to get any specific training benefit considering it generally takes 10 days for adaptation to occcur.

    Losing 2kg in as many weeks will surly be a PB worthy of mention.

    Hope the groin thingy clears up soon.