Saturday, January 30, 2010


Got a 10K race tomorrow. I could discuss it at length but "I'll let my race do the talking!" No, actually I will talk about it I just always wanted to use that lame line ;)

My foot is getting better now only sore if I press on it directly, so I wont press it ;) It shouldn't hamper a PB attempt. There may be a problem with the weather, rain is predicted, but if it's not too heavy it shouldn't be a big problem either.

I'll be running in the 32 to 50 years age group, I don't know why they made such a group, so I don't expect to get on the podium but on the bright side the younger fellas just might help to pull me along to a PB :)

Anyway, I'll do my best and it will be good practice running at speed getting my legs use to it. The plan for the next six months is to do regular 5KTT at sub 2:30 marathon pace and hopefully get to the stage where they are coming with relative ease. By the time of the Townsville marathon I hope to be ready to even give David Crinti a run for the win, or anyone else, who shows.

"The best laid schemes of mice and men.." It could well turn out nasty and end up like the comic below but I'll give it a go ;)


  1. All the best for tomorrow Scott. 32 to 59 sure seems a strange sort of category. I am sure will give the young fellas and the old fellas a run for their money. Keep the PBs coming.

  2. Good luck! I am tipping it will be nice and cool tomorrow where you are- perfect conditions I hope.

  3. Look like my 34.52 p.b. is in danger of being smashed by you tomorrow!

  4. I'd just like to say that this young fella is VERY happy not to be competing against you!

    All the best (because you don't need luck).

  5. Fighting talk - that's what I like to hear.

    Love the cartoon!

  6. I'd show at Townsville, but I'm scared your fists might do the talking when I beat you.

    I'll take a guess at 34:47, 24th in age-group and 3rd 'woman' ;)

  7. Why not go for the Gold Coast Marathon? So much more opportunity for competition and it is a bit cooler and less humid than Townsville.

    Good Luck with the 10k.