Friday, September 19, 2008

Japanese lesson

Hello, thought I'd upload this as it is best understood with video. Ewen, I hope this is easier to load and it's synchronized better than the last one.

Just a thought as it relates to "suffering" but not from a Buddhist perspective but a Christian one, and a note to any pedophile priests, when God said "suffer the little children come on to me" that's not what he meant ;)


  1. I'm "she koo, ha koo" with that dodgy lip sync Scott!

    Great sufferings - I guess i can use "pain in mind and body" for the last kilometre of a 3000? Or "pain of being in the company of my enemy" when I eventually get to race you ;)

  2. When we do get to eventually race I hope I don't have to experience the 9th great suffering, that of getting my head handed to me ;)

  3. All lies. None of it is true. 四苦八苦 indeed! Shi ku actually means town and suburb 市区 while ha ku 吐くis what you do late at night on the train after too many Asahi Super Drys and shochus. Four sufferings and eight sufferings? Who ever heard of such a thing. ;-)

  4. Thanks Scott that was great. I would love to hear some more. The recording was excellent quality.

    I think I will experience some of those sufferings during my 3 marathon effort. I hope I don't experience the death one though.

  5. Geez mate, I was rather fond of the "Italian movie lip synch" version!

    No, seriously, that's nice and smooth - good video quality too.

    Now... I cacked myself at Steve's translation! Double-checked on Google and those Japanese characters say "Flounder (fish) when cooked black causes 10th suffering and serious vomit"!

  6. Suffering is good ! Nice translation. Die to youself.

    Just read this about running vs. walking speaking of death...

    Quizzes -

    "Running is harder on your body than walking and will shorten your lifespan is false.

    People who exercise moderately (as in, a 30-minute walk) 5 days a week live 1.5 years longer than non-movers, according to a 2005 Dutch study. But running that same half-hour tacks almost 4 more years onto your lifespan."

  7. Hey Scott, nice post. I find the etomology of language fascinating - especially because it's basically not taught in Australia anymore. It streamed well - not even a hint of dodgy lipsink!

    Would be happy to see more of that type of blog if you happen to be inspired.

    Speaking of blog updates, I'm just about to post one (no, I haven't fallen out of blog world, just been slack).

  8. I had something I was going to say but completely forgot after reading Ewen's comment ... too funny!

    PS I will try to update my blog tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the one after.

  9. How does Ewen know about Italian lips ??

    Good to see you had a good race at Townsville and it seems the increased mileage is doing the trick; good luck for the next phase of training.


    Joggers live longer--even if they're overweight

    The Yomiuri Shimbun

    Jogging on a regular basis helps you live longer even if you are overweight because it lays the foundation for a healthier body and provides benefits in addition to weight loss, according to a health specialist.

    According to Prof. Toshihito Katsumura of the Tokyo Medical University's Sports Medicine for Health Promotion department, regular jogging improves blood flow and strengthens blood vessels, while drastically increasing the number of capillary blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrition to muscles.

    Vascular endothelial growth factor, a type of protein, is triggered as soon as you start jogging. Jogging five days a week increases the amount of capillary blood vessels in the muscles. After just three weeks of jogging, the amount reaches the maximum.

    As a result, the oxygen-utilizing capability of muscles is dramatically enhanced, and physical endurance is improved.

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  11. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I did have a very happy one ... celebrations started about a week out and I still have a couple more to go. Love it!

    And thanks for the great shirt, I saw Rob at BRRC yesterday. It was such a nice surprise ... the shirt, not seeing Rob ;) I can't wait to wear it and pretend I ran it. Stuff like that is especially good at the gym, I might not impress people with my muscles but I do with my marathon shirts :)

  12. 友人は、車輪をオンまたはオフには何ですか?