Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to spot perverts?

I know you are all nice "normal" people, but remember my other hobby, apart from running, is spotting perverts. Watch what you blog, eh. And not blogging won't save you either. I'll just read more into that ;)


  1. OK Spotting perverts. I just got notice of nonrenewal on my contract for next year. We were talking about the million dollar question so it worked out well for me. It will get me going looking for a new place to toil next year. I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for the tea cream.


  2. Scott, I err..., well I err..., I am not game to put it into words in case someone takes me the wrong way.

  3. The forgot catching people perving at certain female runners' blogs as a way to spot perverts.

    Or the photos on this one... now, where was that post about the female cook?

  4. My regular Kurrawa relay partner's nick name is Rent Boy :)