Monday, September 08, 2008

New plan

Having a bad day today. This morning the car key broke off in the ignition, in the afternoon the bedroom door handle came off in my hand. Now I'm afraid to go and take a piss ;)

Well, other than that, things are good. I'm relaxed after a nice long holiday, still just a little concerned about having to go back to a regular work shedule. Having time off always gets me to thinking that this is the way things should be so I'm going to have to find a way to get money and work less. Actually, I think I will start a blog on this topic and/or make a plan to make it happen.

Talking about plans ;) my running one is almost set. I'm going to run a sub 3 hour marathon in Miyazaki, the Aoshima marathon, on December 14th and leading up to that I will attempt to PB in the 5k, 10k and half marathon. I'm going to pretty much do as I did for the Townsville marathon but increase the milage peaking at 150kms per week. If I can again avoid injury and get PBs for a 10k race in late October and a half marrathon in early November I'm certain I can get my sub 3 hour marathon.

I don't want to sound too cocky as anything can happen, as you all know, but I really think that I have stumbled across a system that will produce results for me.
I will elaborate in the coming weeks and months but in brief it is pretty simple. High mileage, core work, healthy food to get the weight down and consistant reading of all your blogs on the subject ;)


  1. I'm looking forward to reading all about it ... and following your journey to that sub 3 mara. Meanwhile, bring on the PBs!

  2. It's great that you have a plan Scott. It's always a good start, not that you aren't almost there anyway.It will be good to follow how you work to shve those last few minutes off your PB to get to that sub 3.

    The shirts arrived safely. I have to get Tesso's to her yet. Thank yu so much.

  3. Glad to know you've still got your sense of humour. I hope your running goes to plan.

  4. Sounds like you're a man on a mission and with the plan to pull it off! Looking forward to following it along.

    Hope there weren't any toilet accidents duing the afternoon....

  5. "The plan to pull it off" - was that a slip of the tongue Bay?

    I like the bit about reading our blogs - you'll need something to keep you smiling while cranking out 150k per week.

    I'm sure you can do it Scott. We're all pulling for you (so to speak).

  6. OK. You got a vision there. I like your plan. High mileage, good food and core training. I'm into low mileage right now but good food and a little core training. I'm wavering about racing at all. Maybe just for fun. Not worried about times. Well I'll see you Monday at 7 am at Sayama. Thanks I'm relieved and elated that you're new plan is working. I was kind of on the hook if it didn't work. Yipes... But now that it is party time ! Well we can't party we're training... Life sucks...

  7. That is some plan. 150k a week is lot of running!

    Myself I would aim do it all in reverse. Marathon PB, then Half, 10k and then 5k based on the principle that you build endurance first and add the speed at the end.

    I am sure just another year of doing what you did leading up to Townsville would get you that sub 3 anyway.

  8. I love to hear you are running well and have a plan.

    I love even more your funny start to the blog. I was laughing with real was just something I was not expecting.

    Anyhow...I will continue reading (even when I can't comment) and seeing how you are progressing.

    take care and don't get injured. i think 2008 is the year of injuries and time out it seems..

  9. you were right, it was a full year of not running (at least not freely that is) But a year is up so i figure it is my turn for an injury free few months