Sunday, October 26, 2008

10K PB

Ran my first race since a full marathon in Early August today."The Wakaura Bay Marathon with Jazz" It is usually the first race of my, somewhat busy, racing year here. I'll be doing one or two races a month until I take a bit of a break in May 2009.

Usually I'm a bit sluggish with the first one so seeing as I was able to PB it looks good for the season. I ran well up until the 7th K today but that one and most of the 8th I was feeling my lack of race conditioning. Still managed to hold on and run the last K with my head up, and no Ewen it wasn't up my arse.

I came 5th in my age group. I got a gift,a nice bag, and a little trophy. It was the first time I've ever been on the podium in Japan, see photo, and hope it is not the last.

Thanks for your email American Eddie. No, although it rained it was light and it didn't cause me too may problems today.

Time 39:15


  1. So it takes a podium finish to get a post out of you ;-)

    Obviously training must be going well to get a PB early in the season.

    What exactly is a Marathon with Jazz? Is it just more Miles as you run?

  2. あなたはチャンピオンのスコットです!私はあなたにおじぎをマスター!


    Head up arse indeed!

  3. I can't even read what Ewen wrote!!

    Congrats on the PB, thats a great time..can't wait to see how you go in the other races. You must be amazingly fast if you actually TRAINED!!!!

  4. Wow you got a podium finish. You're really training well ! You smoke !

  5. Nice run Scott. Sounds like a good start to the season.

  6. Sweet! I bet that one keeps you motivated for the season. Very nice time!

    Oh, and I reckon if I manage to get a podium finish the photo will be on every website I can post it to!

  7. Congrats on the PB; a great way to start your racing season

  8. How cool! Huge congrats on the podium finish, may there be many more.

    Wakaura Bay sounds Hawaiian ... I thought maybe you were on hols again.