Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home Strait

Well, writing to you from beautiful Far North Queensland. The above photo was taken at Port Douglas markets with my kids, sister and niece.The other south of Cairns, the kids are grimacing and holding their noses because of the strong smell coming from the sugar cane processing plant. I love this smell like that of of malted sugar.

This coming Sunday I'll run my marathon and while I'm looking forward to it I'm not sure even now of my race plan. As you know I had a good build up, the best I've done to date, but since coming here I've quickly slipped into holiday mode and lost a bit of focus. Been eating more than I should and not running to my taper plan, still I am basically in good shape and although sub 3 may be a bit beyond me this race I will, all things being equal, PB and have a nice race. Anyway as you all know anything can happen on race day so there is no point speculating at this stage. I'll do my best.

By the way nice country you have here, well done ;)


  1. Mate, FNQ is one of my favourite parts of Queensland - just ahead of SEQ.

    The weather looks lovely (for a holiday). Don't down too many schooners of XXXX between now and Sunday.

    Just go out hard and hang tough - your niece's V-for-victory sign is a good omen!

  2. Wow, no jumpers ... I think you are in the best place in Australia at the mo.

    Hope you have a relaxing week. Can't wait until Sunday to see how you go and what you think of it etc.

    Keep an eye out for Pat. And for our gun female runner Glenda, she's doing the half.

    How exciting!!!!!

  3. Thanks Ewen, I'm good at just "hanging," "hanging tough" I'll have to work on. And Tesso, I've contacted Pat and he is bring up a PCRG singlet for me, might even wear it for the marathon, but I'm not sure if I'm worthy ;)

  4. Scott all the best for the race. Sounds like a perfect taper. One can get too focussed on the race and waste a lot of nervous energy.

    As for a race plan, just don't go out too fast. Have a good one.

  5. Hi Scott,

    You sound in good shape and look good. You've certainly put in the training.

    I look forward to hearing a PB or sub 3 result from your next marathon in Townsville.

    I know you'll do well.

    Malcolm (from Tokyo)

  6. Hey Scott! All the best for the big one on Sunday. You have worked hard and certainly look nice and relaxed. I reckon you will do very well.

    I am a Bundaberg boy myself, and know the smell of a sugar mill only too well.

    See you at Noosa.

  7. Zero degrees here this morning Queensland was a good choice. I'm sure the training you've done will hold you in good stead. Good luck!

  8. Hey Scott, I reckon that's the best way to taper! Now all you have to do is enjoy the race and you'll be a shoe-in! Besides, PCRG singlets are red aren't they (i.e. they go faster?).

    Must confess to being a SEQ person myself, but I'd kill to be in NEQ at the moment - I've been riding to work in < 2 degrees recently. (so no complaints Tesso!).

    I prefer it when they burn the cane, it makes me feel like it's summer!

    Good luck on Sunday - I'm sure that you'll fly!

  9. Don't underestimate the 'relaxation' factor. I suspect you'll fly come Sunday - good luck!

    BTW I'm with your kids - hate that smell; it stinks!

  10. Malted sugar? WTF? Well, it's OK, we know what you mean.

    Good luck buddy. You are a great runner and an even better blogger, which means you're going to have the weight of expectations of your legion of loving readers on your shoulders on Sunday. Not that I mean to put any pressure on you or anything ;-)

    Very much looking forward to reading the report on Monday. Enjoy the race. (well, enjoy the first half, work hard during the third quarter, and grit your teeth and go like hell for the last 10k.

  11. Wow looks nice there. Hope you have a good race ! Sweating here in Osaka.

  12. Good tips there from Stephen - he knows everything there is to know about malted sugar.

    I guess you've already dined out on black fish and have hit the sack for a solid 9 hours' sleep before your huge effort.

    13-26 sounds perfect for an FNQ marathon. Keep the fluids up - we'll be thinking of you.

  13. No time to blog much now, caravan internet rates being sky high, but just just wanted to let you know my time from yesterday's marathon.


    Not bad, had a good run, and pulled up very well. I wasn't worried that I did go sub 3 hours as I wasn't going for it just happy to take a large chuck off my PB.

    Talk soon, and thanks all for your support.

  14. I've been hanging out for news of a HUGE PB Scott. I was hoping it'd be that big - brilliant. Well done mate!!

  15. Congratulations Scott, that's an AMAZING PB! 12 minutes is a massive chunk.

    Me thinks it's time to take on your training program....... can you remind me what it was when you get back home?

  16. Just taking a guess at the splits...

    90:39, 95:00.

  17. おめでとうございます! 
    A Happy Running ! Let's Marathon !
    Nice Challenge ! Congratulations ! That's a great time and personal best !
    All your hard training paid off.

    I hope you're celebrating.
    I'll celebrate for you, too.



  18. Just wanted to post a comment to get my photo posted. Malted sugar. I'll have to check it out. Time to do some core training and go for a light jog.

    Sweating and celebrating in Osaka.