Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tape her!

Hope you're well, no problems with me. Did 36kms this morning that is the last long run before my goal race in Townsville. I have 3 more weeks and while I pretty much know how to taper the week before the next two weeks I'm not too sure about. Any advice would be appreciated.

My weekly mileage for the past 9 weeks has been as follows, 98kms,104,112,122,80,121,124,109,107. I've been doing one speedwork session a week for those 9 weeks and one medium long run at 4:15 pace each week but nothing too long from about 8kms to 20kms.

Did my long run today and although is wasn't at anywhere near the pace I want to run at in Townsville I 'm taking two positives from it, one it was done in the heat, 27 to 33 degrees and I was able to handle this so the winter temp at Townsville shouldn't be too hot for me. And I'm feeling recovered enough only a few hours after this run that I could, if I was so inclined, run another slow 10k or so.

I think I have done the work to get a PB this next race and now just have to get the final balance right so I can hit the line strong at fit. Anyway any advice would be good, but I think I will err on the side of caution. The last full marathon I raced (while I had nowhere near the build up mileage wise as this time)I blew, I think, by training too hard up until a few days before that race.

Anyway if all goes well I might try the cup tape caper come race day evening ;)


  1. Sorry, no advice about taper from me but I'm really pleased to hear that your last long run went well. A taper & you'll fly come race day!

  2. That is a very consistent block of training. I am sure it willserve you well on race day.

    As for the taper, there is some good advice here -

    I probably don't ease up enough myself. I guess you will also have to juggle your travel plans as well.

  3. That link is a ripper Robert Song. Thanks for the heads up on it.

  4. No advice to offer. It sounds like you have done the hard work so enjoy the tapering whatever you do.

  5. Gee, taper time again! You definately deserve the rest with the km's you've done; it's been a very nice lead up.

    I like the "taper" website, and can see how a lot of it would make you feel good. The two things I'd say are:

    1. If in doubt rest or a really short run are better than pushing it (but I doubt this will be an issue because it doesn't sound like you've got any niggles);

    2. I like a 4x400 m session in the week or so before - it's not too much distance (including warm up/down ~ 3-4 km) but it feels STRONG!

    Anyway, good luck, great times and enjoy the holiday in Aus!

  6. Cup girls are no where near as cute as our waitress at Surfers ;)

    Pfitz would know. I haven't run what I'd consider a good marathon, but here's what I think...

    1. A good taper makes a difference (a bad one can lead to an ordinary race).
    2. Reduce the weekly volume over the three weeks - e.g. 70k, 60k, 30k (not including the race!).
    3. One long run per week could go something like 24k, 18k, 14k.
    4. More easy (jogging) days or rest days.
    5. Increase the intensity (carefully) of some runs (a bit more intensity than what you've been doing on fast sessions) - I'd tend to do 6-10k tempo runs at half mara race pace, and 5k race-pace intervals with long recoveries for this.
    6. A 3k at race effort about 8 days out (no sprint finish).
    7. Last week, all runs at an easy pace. Some followed by 3 or 4 strides.

  7. I didn't read the Pfitzy article ... I have no need for that kind of information any more :-(

    But yep, Ewen's advice all hits the gong .. ding, ding, ding. Especially the easy last week.

    Two things I would then add. One, carbo loading has to start three or four days out and should involve some simple carbs like energy gels, say 70 g worth of carbs per day, and you should also try to supplement with amino acids or proteins. I am convinced this helps protect your muscles during the race (but I could be wrong of course!!). Two, get your race pace right. And for you my friend, I would be looking at going out at about 4:15/km to 4:20/km. Be relaxed, concentrate on getting to half way feeling like you have just started running. Things will soon start getting hard, but if you can preserve your pace to 30 km, then it is time to start gritting the teeth and seeing how hard a final 10 to 12 km you can run. If you really want to go for that sub 3 on this occasion, then maybe you could try 4:12 to 4:15 from the outset, but be aware that if it is too fast you might have a mini blow-up.

    Nice to have summer with us isn't it!

  8. I can't add to any of that great advice except for one thing which I learnt through personal experience when I ran Townsville a few years ago.

    The night before the race don't share your room with a South African if the rugby is on and they are playing. And losing.

    And after the race don't get caught drinking with the Townsville Road Running Club (I think that's what they are called). They are evil and make you drink too much.

  9. Have you ever met a nice South African?

  10. Short sharp sessions around 90% to keep you tuned and the old one about better to be underdone than over trained it a good