Saturday, August 09, 2008

305 and still alive

Thanks for your comments in my comments. We are now here in Arlie Beach staying for about ten days before heading back to Cairns on Weds. Having a great family holiday and still have about 3 weeks of it left ;)

I have only run once since last Sunday and that was 5 mins to the shops to buy some beer. I really feel like I could run now but going to curb my enthusiasm so as I can recover fully and come Sept start it all over again with a sub 3 marathon in mind.

After the 3:05 in Townsville I really feel I can do it now as it wasn't a struggle to do that time and I'm keener than ever to train hard and improve on my times. In fact it is kind of scary I haven't been able to think of much else since the race. I don't realy want to be so single minded about running but not much I can do about it now I'm hooked! Anyway I'll do my best to deaden this feeling with beer but I can't promise anything.

I will catch up with what you are all doing when I get back to my sisters place and a home computer and post some photos of the run and this holiday, got a good one of me and Pat Carroll but until then thanks again for your support and all the best for your training and races.

The Noosa half may not be a good idea it's a little too soon to run and I'm fast running out of money (What the hell happened to this country it is now more expensive than Japan and the AUD is stronger than the Yen). Anyway I brought some T-shirts to give to Tesso and Rob the Runner when I went to Noosa but can't now so if you guys can send me an email with your home address I will send them by post.

See ya


  1. Congratulations on a fantastic run. Certainly sub 3hours is now on the cards and it is a good sign that you are already focussed on that goal.
    Can't wait to hear all the details from the race.

    Once again well done and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  2. What fantastic result Scott! It must be good to do that time and not feel as if you had to really push yourself. It's good that you have the yen for a sub 3, but a shme not enough yen for a Noosa Half. Never mind, plenty more opportunities in the future.

  3. Cngratulations, that is a fantastic result. I'm not surprised that you can't stop thinking about it. Your next stop is a sub 3 :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  4. 305 has a good ring to it. Almost as good as 11-07 ;)

    Like RS, I'm looking forward to the gory details (and huge photos), when you can drag yourself away from those golden beaches.

    Oh, 2-something-something has a good ring to it too!

  5. Great run Scott. Hope the beer is helping with your one track mind - sounds like you deserve it.

  6. I hope you walked back home with the beer - no point in shaking it up. I also hope it wasn't any of the NQ brew...... (mind you, when it's hot, any beer tastes good!).

    Fantastic run Scott, can't wait to hear all about it. Don't forget to enjoy the rest of your holiday though!

  7. Holy crap - 3:05!!!! Huuuuuuge congrats Scott. I ony got back from Sydney last night and so have just read your blog to find out your result.

    That it soooooooo good! I am so excited for you. But I am not surprised .... you worked so hard for this one. I can't wait to hear all the finer details.

    Did you spot Glenda up there? I told her to keep an eye out for you (she was doing thd half) and she said she spotted you but didn't know your finish time. And then the results weren't up on their website when I left Brissie. But heck, a 3:05 was well worth waiting for.

    Enjoy the rest of your hol. Will email you tomorrow.

    You legend!!!!

  8. Running 'can slow ageing process'

    I just saw this article on BBC News about some "research" that running can slow the ageing process. Good news about knee replacements too !

    Running not only appeared to slow the rate of heart and artery related deaths, but was also associated with fewer early deaths from cancer, neurological disease, infections and other causes.

    And there was no evidence that runners were more likely to suffer osteoarthritis or need total knee replacements than non-runners - something scientists have feared.