Monday, March 03, 2008

Canberra a go go? Canberra a no go!

This song's related to what I wanted to do, "cry" and dedicated to my dear mother a Canberra native and a great fan of Elvis.

I've been very much planning and looking forward to running in Canberra. Particularly to meeting my friends that will go there and up until a week ago I was still in countdown mode but circumstances have conspired to bugger up my plans as I'll explain.

Firstly I'd like to let you know that I agonized over this decision but in the end it was the way I think I had to go.

My bum leg, hamstring strain, has stubbornly stuck with me and although it hasn't stopped me from running it's meant that I've been running shorter mileage so as not to aggravate it further. I thought that was going to be OK as I was doing a lot of extra cross training that was keeping up the fitness and bringing down my weight so it was all going to even out. I was happy thinking I could run a half decent race even though it wouldn't be a PB.

I really think just running would have been OK in this case as I would be among friends, so to speak, and frankly I wanted to see this race and see what Canberra is like now. It's been such a long time since I've been there. I have a strong connection to Canberra as my Mother was born there, I've been there heaps and I have many cousins still living there.

Anyway a week ago I was offered a job at a decent University here and basically couldn't turn it down. With this new job comes a lot of benefits but I will have to start on April 7th and they don't want me taking my second week at work off. I will get almost 20 weeks holidays but none during the Canberra Marathon. I guess I could have pushed it, lied and said I have to go back for a funeral but I can't do it being the honest guy I am ;)

I think that once I'm in I will be able to swing a few unscheduled holidays to coincide with the Canberra and Gold Coast Marathons but not this year :(

My wife seeing that I was so upset about missing Canberra promised we could go to Oz on a family vacation for the whole of August and half of September I could stay there by myself to do anything, well almost anything, I wanted. Got to be happy with that consolation prize ;)

I'm really sorry mainly cause I'm not going to have the chance to met you all next month and besides I really hate to go back on my word in any situation. But I will continue to work toward the goal of running PBs and running a few of them on Aussie soil. And you know, us Australians, we rarely if ever give up ;)


  1. 20 weeks holiday? Holy moly. I would have sacrificed the marathon too!

    Congrats on the new job. Looking forward to meeting you when you do come to visit

  2. Bugger :( I was just thinking this morn how much fun the after party was going to be, especially having a drink or two with you.

    So, when you say August/September does that mean this year? Hope so! What races will you do? C2S?

  3. Whoops, meant to second Jen's congrats!

  4. I'd like to do some races, sure.
    Could you let me know Tesso or anyone what races there are in Aug, Sept, Feb and Mar in Australia.

    Anywhere is OK. If I know about some good races I can make plans.

    And Tesso yes although I'm not especially skilled at anything. I have been told I'm "fun to drink with". It's a pity I can't be there this time. Still I'm sure if you have a good hard race after two schooners you'll be leaning on the wall and calling it "Scott." So you won't miss me that much ;)

  5. Damn! I was going to say 'bugger', but Tesso beat me to it. I even had a good 'bad fish' restaurant in mind for Sunday night. And I've been working overtime on my gut-punching technique.

    Races? March there's Six Foot - the best trail race in the southern hemisphere :) September, the Canberra Times 10k Fun Run :) August, the City to Surf :) Or, pick something in Sydney - an easy 3 hour drive away. The CR calendar is a good place to look for dates.

    We'll toast your absense with a schooner or three at the post race party! And remember Scott, Elvis made a comeback at Vegas.

  6. Bugger all right! Sounds like a great opportunity for you Scott. Sounds like your wife, like mine, is very understanding. If you are able to come in August/September you will have had plenty of time to settle into the new job, get over the bum hammy and have enough time to relax and enjoy the stay.

    The Noosa Half Marathon is on Sunday August 24th. A great race and a good spot for a holiday. Then you could head to Sydney for the marathon on Sunday September 21st. There, all sorted.

  7. Bugger!

    September ..... Sydney Marathon?

  8. oh and congratulations ....

    I read the comments and feel slightly un-original

    Yes Noosa half is fun as Rob says and there is the Alice Marathon

  9. I guess 20 weeks holiday means that you will be working for 32. Sounds like a good deal to me. Sorry to hear that your Canberra plans have been put on hold - but it sounds like your injuries need a little more care.

  10. Hey Scott, that's a bugger, but congratulations! I know how hard university jobs are to get (at least in Aus). I would have given up one race for a good job and 20 weeks holiday a year! There will be other races.

    I'm going to pull attention away from the east coast: Adelaide Marathon is 31st August.

    Even if you decide to run an east coast event, you're still welcome to come and stay in Adelaide and do a couple of training runs here!

    I'll make sure I have a beer in Canberra for you though!

  11. Scott, congratulations on the job. I of all people know how desirable a good uni posting is here. Especially the holidays!! Damn you to hell ;-)

    Thanks for the kind words on Mick.

  12. Sorry we won't be seeing you this time, but look forward to seeing you at some stage.

    Congrats on the new job, sounds good... I like the idea of 20 weeks holiday:)