Thursday, March 13, 2008

Miyama marathon (half)

Hello, thanks to everyone for their understanding in regards to Canberra, sure it's disappointing but put in perspective not so bad. I will have the chance to meet you all at some stage, I'm sure. Got to be happy just to run in any capacity.

Well things on the running front aren't too bad, I've been doing a lot of weights and eating well and have dropped a couple of kilos in three weeks. I have been doing some core exercises and generally feel much stronger than I did when I ran my last half marathon almost 4 weeks ago.

I have another half this Sunday, "The Miyama Marathon", so I will be able to see how the drop in weight and extra strength will translate to in time. I want to at least break 1:30:00 but I'll see how it goes on the day.

I've heard that it takes at least 12 weeks of good training, be it weights or running, for it to really show up with improved performance so I'll keep up the training regime until it bears fruit.

The photo above was taken at Miyama by my, "Kawachinagano Running Club" buddy Mr. Kato. Thanks for that :)


  1. All the best for the Half Scott. I hope you are able to crack the 1:30. That would be awesome. The location looks idylic. I trust that it is not too hilly.

  2. All the best for the Half.

    I see you have another half planned for April as well.

    Don't forget that if you are racing them hard and 1:30 sounds hard to me, then you will need to allow some time for recovery afterwards.

  3. Have a good one Scott. It looks rural - not the scene that springs to mind when one thinks of a Japanese 'marathon'. That's funny - the fastidious Japanese calling a half a marathon!

    Try and imagine the runner up ahead is Spodychoff and you'll smash 1:30. I'll take a guess at 1:28:07 :)

  4. Hope it went well today! Look forward to the report