Thursday, February 21, 2008


Thought those with a fast internet connection and a few spare minutes might enjoy this clip as I did. Steve Prefontaine and this song are my favorites :)

Yes, sorry I lost that first clip on youtube, it was a series of shots of Prefontaine running with the Church song "Under the milkyway." Well I'm going to
upload another one in its place. Nothing related but we are thinking about getting a pet for the kids and after watching this I don't think it will be a cat! Don't want either of my boys to end up like this. Any suggestions for a boys first pet?


  1. Man, that was fantastic, and just think how fast he could have gone with less facial hair!

    Gotta love the 70's!

  2. Hey, c'mon Bay!

    Having read "Pre" and visited Heywood Field, I've got to admit to having a soft spot for the guy. The way he ran - hard and from the front. If he'd run differently he would have got the bronze in Montreal, but he wouldn't have run the race his way.

    Nice Canberra connection with The Church :)

    Sadly, we're still on chugging Howard broadband - we have to pause videos and watch later. Kevin07 broadband is on the way!

  3. You'd travel to see that guy run.

  4. Bugger ... it tells me the vid is no longer avaiable :( Might have to do a youtube search.

  5. "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Chambers Productions".

    That's annoying! You could sing 'Under the Milky Way' Scott :)

  6. That's not fair!

  7. Ok, that's scary.

    Scott, get your boys a dog. Not one of those prissy little dogs that need to be styled, but a real dog. Can't go wrong with a dog (and it doesn't even have to be a big dog, just not something that happily sits in a handbag!).

    On a slightly nerdy note, there have been studies showing that people that own a dog have reduced rates of heart disease. Apparently it's something to do with how dogs are always happy and remove stress from people!