Saturday, February 09, 2008

Slow start

Things are OK, just starting to get rolling after a few set backs. Like I mentioned last post a bit of sickness and more recently an injury. I had a mystery pain at the back of the knee on my right leg that hurt a bit especially going up hills but after a a few sessions with the doctor and a couple more days of rest it is definitely on the mend.

I was ready to get back an do a run this morning but woke to snow again. See above photo that is our house taken from the 2nd floor of our little home school. I couldn't face going back on the treadmill again so I'll take today off as well and start seriously tomorrow.

Not a good start for my Canberra preparation but not a total loss as still have 8 weeks and I reckon I only really train well under tight deadline pressure ;)


  1. That's more snow than I've ever seen on the track at Calwell in mid-winter!

    I know you can shrink 6 into 3, so 12 into 8 weeks shouldn't be a problem ;)

  2. You already have the base so 8 weeks is plenty

  3. I guess that's an acceptable excuse! You seem to train well under pressure.

  4. Holy cow, that looks cooooold!

    Please tell me you can't count and we have 9 weeks until Canberra.

  5. It's OK Tesso, Scott can't count.

    Whow! I reckon I would be staying indoors too. I've never seen snow in real life. It looks great in the picture. You have a lovely home Scott. It is much bigger than I thought it would be. Don't know what I had expected really.

  6. Wow, what a fantastic photo!

    Glad to hear that your preparation is back on track. I'm really looking forward to *finally* meeting you in Canberra

  7. That's a beautiful photo, Scott! Reminds me of the many times I've tramped around New York in snow just like that.

    Canberra should be a welcome change for you. I'm sure you'll run well.

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  9. Wow, nice photo! I've heard that it's a good ski season in Japan.... It even looks like nice snow (as opposed to the slush that most cities get).

    I'd say that considering the base you've got, with 8 weeks and 2 days to go the only thing you have to worry about is heat stroke (because hopefully it won't be THAT cold in Canberra!).