Friday, February 15, 2008

If it makes you happy then why the hell are you so sad?

I have a half marathon this Sunday and I was going to have a whinge, that is, complain about the weather, the course or about being under done, slightly injured etc etc.

But this song reminded me not to!

Wish me luck ;)

And have a nice marathon in Tokyo this Sunday too Steve, we'll be thinking of you.


  1. Good Luck.

    Like your attitude.

  2. Ganbatte Scott!

    I'll be thinking of you running against those snowy winds, as I'm sprinting down the grass track in full body green suit, enjoying a perfect, blue-skied 20C day :)

  3. How on earth are you going to be able to concentrate on your race with thoughts of Ewen in a full body suit plaguing your mind? ;-)

    Luck !!

  4. Yeah, forget Ewen and think Sheryl Crow. It worked for Lance.

    Good luck!!!!!

  5. go for it and have fun

  6. Good luck for the half on Sunday- hope the weather is okay and the injury holds out.

  7. I hope it went well Scott. I hope it made you happy.

  8. Thanks Scott, you have no idea how perfect your timing is with that post. You managed to pull me back to some focus in life (and it was severely needed) - let's hope it flows on to my running as well!

    Hope the race went well (with that mindset I suspect it did)!