Thursday, July 28, 2016

Below are the numbers I'm dealing with as of August 1st. Let's see what I can do by mid September. Guts is 85cm, biggest it's been for a while.


  1. Looking forward to following your progress.
    Funny' when I run in the rain in a Melbourne winter I would love some some of those 26 degree mornings. But of course when I am in Japan in Summer I complain just as much.

  2. What was that weird background noise Scott? Cicadas?
    Looking forward to that next blog post (hoping it's not too late to pick up some tips).
    At a guess I'd say a few things:
    1. Avoiding injury.
    2. From ^ training consistently but taking short breaks after each racing season.
    3. Not neglecting speed (which means avoiding injuries and 'niggles' which may affect the ability to do fast running).
    4. Making sensible adjustments to training which take into account the aging process (for example, taking more easy days between hard sessions).

  3. McMillan reckons that the aging runner must focus on flexibility above all else. “Once muscles get tight, you’re limiting your power base. You’re not going to be able to move as smoothly and as efficiently”. The solution is stretching. Not the static ones but the new breed of dynamic stretches. Foam rolling and massage also helps.

    1. Thanks Mark, I will be writing here about what some of my great Masters friends have told me on this subject shortly. It's advice that will benefit even a young guy like yourself. ;)