Monday, July 11, 2016

July Update (and a rant)

The video stopped mid sentence, probably better for all, but I think I should finish what I wanted to say. I was talking about how stress and repressed emotional turmoil can have physical effects. Take a look at Dr. Sarno and Tension Myositis Syndrome if you’re interested.

Anyway I was thinking as I was running that the World is going to hell in a hand basket and feeling depressed about it. But somewhat selfishly, you might say, I was thinking too that I can't let it get to me, or my type of thought processes will cause me health problems in the future like they have in the past. 

I know as a white male I'm supposed to be a racist, homophobe, misogynist and an Islamophobe. I'm even told that I'm not able to understand let alone sympathize with the pain of my fellow human beings.

I could spend the rest of my life on the internet trying to prove I’m none of the above to people who I’ll never meet or to those that have their reasons to play divisapolitics (my word). Or I could make the best of living in a time and place that offers more to any one person than has ever been the case in the history of our species.

To save me from myself (useless guilt, worry and self-loathing) I’m trying to understanding that I’m only really responsible to those who rely on me.

And as the Serenity Prayer so eloquently puts it:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Yours in the long run ;)


  1. Thanks Scott. You do seem to get a bit uptight on FB!
    Haven't looked it up yet but there could be something to 'repressed emotional turmoil' and injury niggles. I know stress is a big factor in health in general, speaking from personal experience. My hot tip would be to steer clear of internet arguments and don't get wound up by bad or stupid news in general.

  2. Thanks for the "hot tip" Ewen. You noticed I'm a bit of a hothead on the old "social media" ;) Interesting that stress gets to you too. You strike me as cool calm and collected. I suppose you can't tell with folks. I think I also feel the stress prior to hard/fast workouts. Don't know why. Just the way I am I guess.

  3. No worries Scott. I am cool calm and collected, so well done on that observation. I did have some work related stress (mainly due to d'head bosses) which has been cured since my early retirement. Many physical benefits of reduced stress, one unexpected one being my sun damaged skin has cleared up. Pretty amazing.

  4. Great stuff! Amazing how stress fucks with ones skin.

  5. Calling Dr Phil ... Come in Dr Phil ... I thought the serenity prayer was a manifestation of the challenge you have in coaching me! Joking aside ... the stress factor is a massive contributor to poor health. The sub conscious an equally powerful state we can use for both positive outcomes and unfortunately negative ones too.

  6. ronnie1:44 PM

    Hi Scott, You and i are alike in many ways (stress excessively about things we have little control over). Besides our similarities i have noted through our FB "discussions", I was bullied as a child (and an adult -long story) and could go on with that, but i am sure you have heard it all before. I am older than you and i am currently dealing with prostate cancer. I was diagnosed in 2012 and have had the treatments. I hope to get few more treatment free running years out of myself. This is why i have steered clear of argumentative-type forums where taunting is seen as a proper method of discussion. Stating facts here, hopefully to drive home the need to de-stress and take care of yourself. I am not just claiming victimhood. There is a saying: "You will be no good to the world if you are not kind to yourself." Okay some would say that that is a cop out and that i am being patronising to you. Nevertheless, my intention is to use my experience to just confirm that stress does lead to poor health and to wish you the best of wellness. Cheers, Ronnie

  7. Great to hear from you Ronnie. Actually teared up reading your comment. Thanks for showing your support to me despite the fact you're dealing with much worse. The very fact that you can show vulnerability shows me you are a real person who knows what it is all about. Yes "be kind to yourself" and others, we are all battling our own demons. Miss talking to you. You are one smart man and the best runner I've ever known.

  8. Ronnie3:58 PM

    Copy that're too kind :) Hope your ankles clear up. I have had super sore ankles and i think it was a build up of uric acid. The odd thing was the higher my mileage the less my ankles hurt (except in the morning). I have no problems at all now. Not sure why. With the cancer i have had to cut out meat (i do eat some fish and fish oil tablets); sugar, fructose (i used to eat three servings of fruit a day and use fructose sweeteners, and i suspect that that was the main culprit) and beer. Not sure of the science behind it. I wouldn't be surprised if it is something in your diet that your particular make-up cannot tolerate. Something to think about? There isn't a lot of detailed info but i saw show earlier this year that might interest you. This statement caught my attention."NARRATION
    In sensitisation, the pain itself modifies how the central nervous system works. The greater the number of danger signals sent, the better the system gets at sending them. The danger response is amplified and the bottom line is more pain with less provocation...." My son Jonny was out of running because of an ankle injury to do with the bone. Constant pain. Rest didn't help so in the end he just put up with it. Now he is pain free. I don't know? It can be risky. One thing i know is the body/mind has an amazing ability to heal. Anyway, i am trying to cut back on my FB (it sucks one in) and social media, so, if i don't come back to your blogspot, or continue this discussion, for while, that is the only reason. Incidentally, i found your spot whilst googling Japanese marathons. You, and Brett Larner are the only english speaking ones. Anyway, again, hope your pins get better and your spirits lift. Yours-in-running, Ronnie.

  9. Forgetful4:01 PM

    Here's the link i mentioned.