Sunday, August 07, 2016

Weekly update

Numbers heading in the right direction


  1. 63.6kg - wow, that is heavy for you, isn't it?
    Actually, I was going to contact you - how is the training going? Your rabid fans want to know....

    1. Yes Bob it is. Training is just starting to pick up. I will try to increase the mileage and cut back on the eating the rest of this month and should be in business come September. BTW A bit harsh calling Ewen "rabid" don't you think. ;)

  2. How come it gives you a metabolic age but not a mental age?
    My BMI app shows me with a 21.5 yet a fat % of 23% which sounds odd. I'll try yours!

  3. I bought a "Tanita inner dual" scale and downloaded the app. They work together wonderful.

    BTW I've had my "mental age" calculated as 10 years old, by my wife, I think she gave me a few years because she loves me. ;)

  4. Hmm maybe this scale app combo will get me down to race weight. Scott could you post the details on that? Since I'm not ready just yet to give up the beer i wonder if a new bathroom scale will might not see me through.

  5. Inner Scan Dual RD-901 by Tanita is the exact name and the one I use with a the app you see above Mike. Good luck with it. I suggest doubles: 5K morn 15K at night. ;)

  6. Cheers, yep will be starting doubles as my training ramps up.