Monday, March 14, 2016

Yokohama Race Report

The mean streets of Yokohama

Finally meet Bob and Stephen

My bum foot (check out the egg on the back of the heel)


  1. Very interesting. Well done in fighting on. If as you say the winner did 2.25 it must have been a very slow course.So your result was none too bad.
    I also have Haglund's deformity and find it almost impossible to run much

    1. Thanks Jon. Yeah that Haglund's is hard to fix. Pete Magill had it and he recommends to do weighted heel raises.About 15 reps, 2 times a day, each leg while holding a weight dumbbell of 5 kgs or more down by your side. It was working for me to reduce the pain while training at least. I'll get back to doing them

  2. Thanks Scott. I think it's legitimate to talk about things that happen during a race and I wouldn't call that 'excuse making'. We all don't like listening to runners who say "if I'd done this, done that, I would have run so much faster", but this isn't that. As you say, you need to make peace with yourself about what happened and what's possible in the future.

    I'm encouraged that you're keen to continue chasing the PB and I reckon you still have a realistic chance of sub-2:40 if you get on top of whatever's causing your body to be injury-prone. Uninterrupted preparation and few dramas during the race is 99% of marathon success.

    Good blog. I've even forgiven you asking Bob and Stephen to smile for that photo.

  3. Hi Scott. Had a quick look at your splits more to get a feel for the Yokohama course. I have to say ... wow ... you finished so strong which in itself points to something very special yet to come. I enjoyed this post. The self analysis walkthrough we all do post race. Even better to capture these thoughts on video. I guess they are the building blocks on which we base our next training schedule. A nice race ... congratulations on yet another gutsy effort. Lots of positives to carry you onward and upward.