Sunday, January 04, 2015

Running Form Check.

Again Happy New Year friends. Hope you and yours get everything you work for this year! Looking forward to it!! I took a slow motion video of my eldest son to check his form in the hope of making him faster. Please, I'd appreciate if you'd take a look at it and give your two cents worth. I'll comment on what I think he can improve but only after listening to what you have to say. Cheers! And after this maybe me. I could do with a little adjusting.


  1. Very pronounced heel strike - perhaps try to land a bit more forward on the foot.
    And his left arm goes too far across his body - keep arms straighter.
    Still, he looks pretty good.

  2. Thanks Bob for taking the time to comment on this. Happy New Year by the way. I know you're involved in junior running so I'll pass on your observations to my kid after hearing what others say. Cheers, all the best.

  3. happy new year to you and your scott. all the best in 2015

  4. Looks like a slight downhill, so I'm not going to criticise the heel touch. Maybe he's overstriding a touch - trying to run fast for the video. Best form check would be to have someone run past the camera having already run enough until tired. Form when running 'fast' and easy can be two different things. Slight crossing of the centre line of his body with the arms, so movement a bit side to side, rather than forward.

  5. I agree, looks like he is overstriding which is leading to him having a very pronounced heel strike. Foot strike to far forward of his hips and his upper body has excessive movement like the others have said. Having said that I am no coach. Good idea though :-)

  6. Shane! You're a blast from the past!! Good to hear from you. How's everything? Thanks for the advice. I will give it to him and try to film him again and make some comments on it. Again good to hear from you.

    1. Yeah good Scott, battling along. I have a set back at the moment but just a soft tissue thing that is frustrating. Otherwise healthy :) I have been a stranger for a while, however I did at times pay a visit and see how you are going. You are still running very well which is great to read about. I am trying to be more proactive this year with my blog and hope to keep up with others that I read. Take care