Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Let's make 2015 a great year by moving forward and closer to our goals and dreams. When I said I couldn't get up from a sitting position I didn't mean a chair! I meant from the floor with ass on the ground, knees around the chest and arms out front. Can you all get up without using your arms from that position? I can't to save my life. But that's the goal for next month.


  1. Hope you didn't fall off the lift!
    Best to you also for 2015. Expecting big things from you!

  2. That's funny. About a month back I read somewhere that to do the standup without using your hands was a sign of longevity. Of course I made a pitiful attempt while my wife revelled in completing it over and over and over again. Showoff! I put it down to those squatting ... well you know.

  3. Just tried to do that and I reckon it's impossible! Unless you're a gymnast. Thanks for the tip re visiting some cheap snow. When I retire...