Monday, September 15, 2014

Training on schedule, feeling good.


  1. Always interesting to hear what you are doing. Boston should be great.

  2. Sounds good Scott. Those easy 5 min k runs can give you a rough idea about potential marathon pace - work out your heart beats per k (5 x 130 = 650) then you can divide the HR you expect you can maintain for a marathon... so 650/165?ish = just under 4 min ks if you can average 165 for a marathon.
    You'll love Boston - can't wait to go back myself for a visit.

  3. I actually stopped doing those health checks a long time ago. Hell, we know we're healthy. Salarymen should do them, we don't need them.

    Yes, you'll enjoy Boston. I'll let you know if anyone from the club is going. One of our French guys said he would probably apply. (For some reason, we have like 16 French guys these days - and they're all good runners.)
    Where will you be staying?

  4. Fingers crossed for Boston. You are fizzing at moment Scott. Go you good thing. Continue to track this way and you'll find yourself peaking next year. I'd give anything to have that Boston post-race drink with you. Perhaps one day eh?