Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Personal Worst

Sorry I forgot to mention the time. It was about 1:32...something. Now let's not speak of this again. ;) Thanks too to Rick for the offer of form analysis. While I don't think that is my problem I just might take him up on it if I keep getting these recurring injuries.


  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    sorry the race didn't go as planned. forget it and move on. clearly there were mitigating factors.

  2. As you say "lesson learned - don't run injured". Then why are you running a 10k on Sunday? I very much doubt that something that stops you in your tracks one day will be completely gone within a week. I understand that you don't want to let others down - but you got to look after yourself first Scott. Take care, Grellan.

  3. I have to admit I didn't feel that confident for you after watching your preview the day before. I really wanted you to do well in a race I have fond memories of. Gutsy to finish and I wouldn't have expected anything less of you. I have to agree with Grellan though, give the 10k a miss. I would have thought you needed to step back a little at this stage to assess things. Weight, flexibility, diet, stopping twitter ... you'll know. When you do, attack the problem like never before. Time is ticking my friend and yet you still have a heap of great races left in you.

  4. Yes, be careful re Sunday's 10k. Might be worth getting a physio to kinseo-tape up your hamstring/glute area if you do run. Worth getting an MRI to rule in or out a torn muscle.

    Re Rick's idea on form... I totally agree. You should check out that bloke in the video I linked to on my blog a while back. Worked miracles with injured runners. Also, when you're running, even thinking about the injury, you're favouring it, so working the other side of your body more, which leads to further problems. Get yourself sorted Scott or I'll have to stop putting money on you!