Sunday, January 05, 2014

First race of 2014

Had a race today but it ended up more of a good workout than a race. I wasn't able to do what I wanted in terms of time. I got 37.53 and was looking for something in the 35s. Glute minimus/mediu pain and/or tight hamstrings prevented a better time but it's not the end of the world I have basically just got back after the Kobe marathon. December's been a month of fits and starts.

I should be able to run a better race in the Osaka Half Marathon at the end of this month. I've got to keep remembering that my goal race, The Nagano Marathon in April, is the one I'm aiming to do better in and to treat the other "races" more like training runs or at least not get too upset when I run them as such. As you all know, when racing we forget important things like that and always want to do better than we are capable of. Remember too that you have no idea about what your competitors have been doing in training, whether they are peaking or just calling it in for the day, so don't be so proud when beating someone and don't be upset when someone you think you could beat beats you.

Everyone's been past by an unfit looking old dude with really bad running form or past someone young and fit looking that seemed to not touch the ground. The best we can do is try to understand why our race was a good one or not. And as for mine...

I Just checked my splits for that 10K and they tell a sorry story 3:34, 3:36, 3:39, 3:43, 3:44, 3:47, 3:53, 3:51, 3:55, 3:55. To be honest I didn't think I was going that slow at the end, that is a sure sign that you're not racing fit. Those last five 1K splits are around my slow marathon pace! So it seems like I also lack racing fitness on top of everything else. 

I can't over eat and drink during the new year/ Xmas period and expect to get away with it anymore. I can go faster, much faster but I have to remember my age, remember I don't bounce back so well after bingeing. I've also got to simply put in the time on my feet or suffer slower times in racing.

All the best for your training and running this year!

Below are a couple of photos and videos from today.

Note the young lad next to Vince, 2103, is one of my students at University. He did 34.03, shy of his PB by a minute. Good runners everywhere here!


  1. What? Was my guess out by THAT much? 37:30 then!

  2. What you wrote here is so true. We might all be in the same race but we've all got our own goals for the race. Generally mine are fairly modest - finish the race and not kill myself in the process.

  3. A great start to the year Scott. Nice to see those race clips as well. The competition over there looks fierce. Then again, when you weigh up the cost of golf membership vs. a pair of Tarther Asics, what choice do you really have!