Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keep on keeping on!

A small message from Yuki Kawauchi thanks to Brett Larner

Japan Running News

I'm going to follow this advice and while seeking "what works for me", stick to the "Kawauchi"style of no bells and whistles. Run hard, work hard and stop looking for the easy way out. A quote from him:

"Japanese corporate runners watch their weight to within 0.1 kg. I eat whatever I like. I don't do any taping or take supplements. I don't breathe low-oxygen air. I don't wear magnetic necklaces. I guess in that way I'm old-school. I run, I work hard, and I like it. I read up, thought about what I needed to do, and found what works for me. There's no reason Americans can't do the same thing. It's worthwhile spending money on things that will help your training, but spending money itself isn't going to make you better."


  1. Great runner and attitude - how can you not be inspired by him!

    P.S. "No bells and whistles" Scott - does that mean you're getting rid of the girly arm-warmers?

  2. Thanks for your comment Ewen

    I thought you'd especially like the part about "not spending money"! No, the arm warmers are a vital part of the kit. ;)