Sunday, February 03, 2013

Local Ekiden

Ran in the local south Sakai city Ekiden today with a mixed aged, mix gender team. This is the second time for me to run this, last year our team got 2nd out of about 17 teams. This year we did pretty good too but only managed 4th place. They seem to be putting younger and faster people in every year. In my adult group I was beaten by 2 boys who were technically adults but only just at 18. Still only just beat me, one by 15 seconds and the other by 4 seconds. My time for 2.55kms, 9mins and 6 seconds.

Seemed to have picked up another injury, to my hip, when doing long hill repeats during the week. Never seems to end with me! Will try to work it out before the next marathon in 2 weeks, Going for a massage now!


  1. Don't you just hate those young whippersnappers. They probably don't creak and groan when they get out of bed as well.

    Hope the hip thing heals quickly. The massage can only help.

  2. Well done to your team. Nice anchor leg! Time sounds quick to me - should set you up well for the marathon if you can iron out the injury kinks before then.

  3. Scary - I just did long hill repeats. Seem to be ok, though.

    BTW, I sent you a mail to your abenoki address. Does that still work? If not, send me a mail and let me know know to contact you.