Monday, January 26, 2009


Things are fine here getting through the training, the last 2 weeks 117 and 121K respectively. I have been running everyday since January 10th and seem to be holding up well. I plan to peak at 140K the week after next but keep above 100k until two weeks before my next full marathon on March 22nd.

I have a question. On March 15th there is a race, 5K and a 10K being held at the sports ground I've been training at. Do you remember the post I made about it and me having it to myself in the mornings? Well it is there and I want to run it but it is a week before my goal marathon. Do you think it would be alright to race the 5K then?

I figure I'll be pretty fit and I will be able to get a 5K PB, but I don't want to jeopardise my full the following week.

Anyway I'd like to know what you think about this? I'll post again soon.

Oh and happy Australia Day to the #*~*en Aussies.



  1. Can't offer any advice! Just wanted to comment on the new-look blog. Like the photo, but I don't know that it's the most appropriate for you.

  2. Snail eh? Then I need to find a photo of a glacier.

    You'll be very fit, so you could probably recover in a couple of days from a 5k. It's not the ideal thing to do - that would be a 3k about 10 days before. I'd do it though as I have a soft spot for 5k PBs.

    I remember Colin McLeod ran the 5k THE DAY before the Canberra marathon one year - under 19 minutes, then broke 3 hours the next day, I think in the 60-65s.

  3. Last year the Sunday before Gold Coast Marathon I ran a 10K race at around 95% effort (40:19). I think I recovered OK and it didn't hinder me on the day.

    When I went sub 3 in 1985, the Sunday before I did a 15 k training run in 59:34 which was a solid run but by no means fast. I had run 57 minutes quite a few times in training in the prior weeks.

    In 1984 when I did 3:04, on the Sunday before I did 3k wu ,5 X 300m @ 52 secs, 3k wd. Although I did do a 80 minute 20k run on the Tuesday before the marathon. I don't recommend that to you!

    Everybody is different and the only way you will ever work out what will work for you is to experiment.

    I think going for a 5k PB carries a little risk but if you get through it you should be able to recover by the next Sunday.

  4. I can't claim to say this from experience, but from what I've read there should be little chance of a fast 5k the week before affecting your marathon. BUT, the caveat is that it's the pace, not the distance that's a worrry. Running for a PB may increase the chance of a silly injury (like rolling an ankle or tweaking a hammy).

  5. Oh, and forgot to mention, I love the new look!

  6. The new blog looks good Scott. I think a 5K race the week before is OK. A 10K would be better. You may try to sprint the 5K which could be harmful. Just be careful. I do think a short race the week before does blow a few cobwebs away.

  7. Those guys have more experience and know a lot more than I do.

    But if it was me there's no way I'd do it. I'd be scared of injuring myself, or pulling up even a little sore which would affect the next couple of days training.

    I always consider the two weeks before a marathon as cotton wool time. I'm a wuss tho :)

  8. Dear sir,

    Tesso's alive! And a wuss. Not sure about Rob's theory though about 10k being easier. The longer the race, the longer the recovery (1 day for each mile of the race). Just don't sprint start or sprint finish the 5k. Even pace at 3:40 per k should be fine.

    I missed that episode. I think maybe it's for humour. Too many f#@ks - yah! I hope you sh#@ over your opposition in the 5k!