Sunday, November 09, 2008

Half marathon PB

I seem to be on a roll and heading towards achieving my goal of going sub 3 for the marathon. Today I did the Riverside half marathon in 1:22:56 On the same course last year I did 1:31 and some change so I'm real happy with my time today. Usually after doing a PB I think that it is going to be the best I can do but after today, I think I can go faster! We will see.

Now I haven't been putting in the mileage I wanted to up until now, only about 50 to 70kms per week, I've been really busy with work, but I have just over 4 weeks until my full marathon and I think if I can get in 3 over 3hour long, long runs, I might be ready to go sub 3 on Dec 14th. I'm going to stop drinking until that race and try to lose 1 or 2 more kilos. I think while I'm running so well I had better do all I can to help me get in under 3 hours.

Today, I was taking the 5kms splits and did 18:29 for the 1st 5k a PB and 38:05 for my 10K. That 10k time is a PB too! Can I count the 5k as a PB and the 10K as such even though I was running a half marathon?

Anyway back to the training. I reckon if I can show half the grit and determination of my little ferret friend then all will be well.


  1. Well done on the halfM PB. You certainly went out fast in the first half. Was that the plan or over exuberence?

    Myself I wouldn't count the 5k or 10k times as PBs. You never really can be sure how accurate K markers are in a race.

    In the last four weeks it is a balancing act between being fully prepared and arriving at the start line fresh. But if you haven't done those long long runs then I gues you have no choice.

    It is certainly looking good for sub 3 though.

  2. Congratulations Scott. That's a fine time for a half, and definitely puts you in the fish-park for a sub-3 full mary.

    Knowing how fastidious the Japanese are about km markers, you could call them PBs with an asterisk (* split in half marathon). Then you'll have good targets to chase in 5 and 10k races.

    My only tip for the full mary would be not to go for another half PB in the first half!


  3. Wow Scott, that's fantastic! Seems the training plan earlier in the year is paying interest. It is certainly looking good for the sub-3 if you work on the McMillan formula - an extra 10 seconds per km for a doubling in distance (that would give you 2:52:58). I agree with Ewen though, don't try for another half PB!

    I also think you can count the PB*. If they can do it in the Olympic swimming (i.e. 800m record in the 1500m) then why not?

  4. No you can't count them as PB's Scott. When you run as fast as you bloody well you have to be forced to race more to give us bludgers a chance!!! So no...officially you are still *slow* at the 5/10k.

    But hell -thats a fantastic Half Mara PB. Got any more EPO left??

    Seriously - very impressed and I am glad to see you running so well and injury free. Can't wait to see /hear about the sub 3. I know you can!!!


  5. I thought the photo was related to the pain you felt, but it sounds like a great run. I would definitely count that as three PBs.

  6. Go for it! You are riding the big PB running wave and it will take you right through December. I've seen runners have that purple patch and you can definitely count yourself in it. Just keep going and don't look back.

  7. Hey mate,

    Thanks for logging in to crinitiville.

    Glad to see you're running well. Hope the prep for the big one continues well over the next few weeks.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Yours in the long run,


  8. Great news.. that's better time than Stephen has run for a half.. I hope the PB streak continues

  9. Been away for almost 2 weeks so very behind in my blog reading. I saved yours for last cos I knew it would be good ... I didn't think it would be that good tho!

    Congrats on the half mara PB, that is seriously faaaaaaaast.