Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring has sprung

Attempted a 5KTT today. I couldn't get out till the afternoon and it was windy as usual but managed to do 3:40 1st K, 3:43 2nd K, 3:45 3rd K, 3:50 4th K and then stopped as I was getting a side stitch. Pushed my hand into my guts and took some deep ones and after 2 mins rest took off for the last 1K angry with myself for not being able to finish off the 5th K straight. Anyway, pushed the last one and did it in 3:30, so I kind of made up for it.

One week to go after today and its smooth sailing as the taper really kicks in from Monday. My wife is back from overseas so all is right in my little piece of the world today. The photo, of my family, was taken today. Note the cherry blossoms in the background. Spring has finally sprung.


  1. Lovely family snap Scott. I bet the kids are glad to have mum back.

    Those 5K TT times are awesome. Only a week to the big day. You seem well and truly prepared for it.

  2. Fantastic times Scott! Lovely photos of your blossoms too!

  3. Nice she is back, now you are completely focused, to achive your next race!

  4. Have to agree with the others, those 1k times are great. Luv that 3:30!!

    Nice pic. Now I know where your kids get their good looks from :)

  5. A really nice post Scott and I love the family photo too. You have some treasures there. Good to see too that equilibrium has returned to the universe with your wife home.

    Enjoy the taper and my best wishes to you for Nagano.

    Thanks also for your wonderfully supportive comments on my blog, which are very much appreciated.

  6. Cherry blossom time. How wonderful. Good luck with the big race. Lovely photo of your family.

  7. Wow, all the stars are lining up - family is together and happy, the taper has begun in style and the times are awesome! Looks to me like you'll have a good one.

    All the best in the race. Wish I was there to see you run and check out the Cherry Blossoms!

  8. Autumn has finally sprung down here Scott. 18:30ish is a fine time trial. Marathon pace should feel like a crawl after that.

    Tesso is wrong - your kids must take after your wife. She's beautiful! Now it's clear why you don't bother to make a fuss over black fish.