Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The right temperature?

I was reading on "Speedygeoff's blog" that the forecast for this Sunday's Canberra Marathon is "fine and sunny, 9 minimum, 26 maximum". The forecast for this Sunday's Nagano Marathon is "cloudy later sunny, 3 minimum, 15 maximum".

I'd be interested to know what you people think about what the ideal weather/conditions are for running a marathon, and why. I guess that for all but the Queenslanders 26 degrees would be a bit too hot :p


  1. Fine, still, and 14 degrees C.

    Which is what Ohtawara comes to achieving year in, year out.

  2. 3 degrees would be too cold. 26 degrees too hot. 18 would be just right.

    We are talking about porridge aren't we?

  3. I can't remember what the temperature was last year,but I do recall that it was perfect. At no time during the race was the weather an issue except a tad cooler than I am used to at the start.

    My first Canberra marathon was 2005 and it was claimed to be the hotest in 27 years. The temperature then was not a huge issue for me either.

    The big issue for me is life sucking HUMIDITY. We Queenslanders spend our summer training in it for a race in Canberra in April. Anything below 30 degrees C and 90% Humidity has to be good. On the other hand 3 degrees is a wee bit cool.

  4. The dry air of Canberra is usually good. A shame about the altitude. In the old (pre global warming) days you could count on a good day in April, but not now.

    I like it a bit cooler than Steve - about 7C, rising to 12C and staying there. Sunny, no typical Japanese typhoon blowing.

  5. I'm quite fond of the 15-17 degree range - just hot enough that it doesn't take long to warm up, but cool enough that you don't overheat. I'm also quite fond of low humidity (sorry, maybe I can't claim to be a Queenslander anymore...).

    Maybe the average of the Canberra minimum and Nagano maximum would be the perfect compromise!

  6. I was checking the BOM observation for ACT just today. Temps are still at their lowest at 7am (race start). Three to four hours later they are still only up to 16'ish degrees. Max temp (e.g. 26-27 degrees) is not achieved in ACT till about 2-3PM.

    I've got some blog reading to catch up on. I thought you had Nagano real soon. Like this weekend coming. All the best for it. You'll do great!

  7. I just checked a revised forecast
    for the Nagano Marathon. 4 to 17
    and no rain. Sounds perfect to me.

    Thanks for all your support as always. It's a strange thing to be running one race and also thinking of friends half way around the world doing the same but it definitely adds to the experience.

    Talk again on Monday. I'm so excited!

  8. It is kind of bizarre with so many of us running marathons in different corners of the globe this weekend.

    I wish you all the best for yours. Glad the weather forecast is to your liking.

    Lets have fun out there!

    See you back in Blogsville when we both have one more medal around our necks.

  9. Hello from Boston, Scott.

    You've probably already left for Nagano but I want to wish you all the best again Scott for your run. I can't wait to read your race report.

    As Tesso says it's kinda strange with a few of us running marathons in different parts of the world. Just shows what an intrepid lot us Australians are.

    BTW, forecast for the Boston Marathon is rain, cold, wind, temps from 2 to 9. That's too, too cold for a marathon.

  10. That weather does sound perfect. Just a tad cooler than Canberra.

    All the best for a fast race Scott. Can't wait to read all about it!

  11. Don't forget us West Aussies. I reckon us northerners can put up with more heat than those wimpy Queenslanders!! ;) The proof, of course, is that there is no organsied marathons in north west Australia - it's too hot!!!

    Have a great run tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. Hope it's not too cold.

  12. Hi Scott

    You will probably read this after Nagano, but I just wanted to wish you well. THanks for your concerns - have been laying low (as well as having visitors and going camping!) running-wise this week. Will blog soon.

    My only race was run at South West Rocks in June - perfect weather. Don't remember the temp but it was a cool day. As an ex South Aussie I agree that the humidity sucks (despite having lived in the Top End and Northern NSW for the last 16 years).