Monday, April 16, 2007

Nagano race report

Well, it was an interesting kind of weekend. Started off with a bit of a scare. Friday morning woke up with definite headcold symptoms and went to bed early to try to nip it in the bud. Saturday morning felt better but by Sat night I felt bad again runny nose, headache, and the start of a cough.

I stayed in my hotel room and I swear had I not been such a hard bastard, I would have cried ;) Anyway after a restless sleep and a few prays I woke the morning of the race feeling much better, I still had a runny nose but chest seemed clear. It helped too when I looked out my window to see the dawn of a clear crisp day.

Anyway to get to the point, blog details later, the race was good, fantastic course with mountain ranges caped with snow on one side and cherry and plum blossoms on the other. I'd say it's the most scenic course I've run so far. The weather was 14 degrees at the start, much warmed than predicted, and 18 at the finish. If it wasn't for the head wind between 35 and 40kms it was the perfect conditions/race.

As for my performance, well I hit the wall at the 35km mark and felt then that my race had finished but sucked it up and thought I can't come back to this blog with bad news, but I can tell you I really think I would have stopped for a rest if it wasn't for me thinking the other runners I know always try their best I'm not going to give up today.

Those last 7kms were some of the hardest I've ever run but I'm happy to say that I managed to finish off and record a PB that was a good 5mins faster than my previous one.

Total time 3:19:42

Overall pretty pleased with the day and effort again thanks for your support. I'm heading toward 3hrs, it may take me longer than anticipated but with your help, good advice and encouragement, I know now I can do it.


  1. Wow Scott, that's fantastic! Taking 5 minutes off your PB is awesome (aren't people supposed to drop 20 seconds, not 5 minutes?). Good on you for sticking it out when things got hard.

    I'm very jealous of the scenery!

  2. Awesome effort and very motivational.

    All with a head cold too a huge well done.

  3. Congratulations what a great run- nice PB too? Sounds like the ankle was well behaved too.

  4. Congratulations on the PB. I want more details on how you manage to 'suck it up' when you hit the wall. What do you think about? Are there any tricks worth trying?

  5. That's a great effort Scott and just what I need to read about as I set off on my own run in Boston. I would take a 5 minute PB any day. Those conditions also sounded ideal for marathon running. Given the slosh I will be facing in a few hours, I am very envious.

    I look forward to following your progress towards a 3 hour marathon.

  6. Huge congratulations Scott!

    What a great effort. Good on you for not letting the shaky start put you off. Well done.

  7. Congratulations - no doub a VERY PLEASING RESULT- a PB and while the temp sounded fine the wind sounded as if it could have been an issue. Digging deep within ourselves is what the marathon is about - sounds as if you survived it an have come out stronger.

    Again congratulations on thr PB. Whats next??

  8. Congratulations Scott. Good on you for running through that wall and well done on your PB.

  9. Yeehaa!!!!! Huge congrats buddy. Wow, 3:19 :-))))) I can't wait to hear more detail.

    If burning ears slowed you down some then then I am one of many can blame. Your name cropped up so many times on the weekend in Canberra as we wondered how you were getting on.

    Super duper!

  10. Well done Scott! A white fish day.

    Thanks for considering your readers and digging deep for the last 7k. Made for a much better story. As for five minute improvements... stuff that, go for 20 minutes next time!

    Oh yes, I gave Clairie a punch in the guts for you.

  11. Fantastic result Scott. Congratulations on the PB. It is such a great feeling to achieve a PB. I love your positive attitude about heading toward 3 Hrs.

    Well done,also,for working your way through that last 7K. It truly becomes a case of mind over matter at that point.

  12. Congratulations Scott on a fantastic result & a huge PB. I'm looking forward to following your journey towards the sub 3 that we also know is in you :-)

  13. Great stuff buddy. Sorry to be so slow getting around to catching up on the news. But I'm very excited for you to hear about you crashing through a barrier ... the 3:20 barrier. Only a few more to go. I'm not surprised to hear you had to dig deep in the final 10ks. I don't think a marathon PB ever comes without that. Well, not something like a 5-min PB anyway. Anyway, congratulations!

  14. I was thinking of you when I was watching the Canberra marathon so I'm very pleased to hear that you took 5mins off your PB. That's a great result and you would probably have done better without the cold. There's so much to go wrong with this running business.

    Thanks for asking about Mr lulu. He had an absolutely dream run and finished in 3.03 and we are absolutely over the moon.

  15. And I just got Adam's report ... you even managed to whip an ironman into submission ;-)

  16. Yes Steve

    I ran with one of your running group, Adam, for about 20K and afterwards went and had beer and pizza with him. He wasn't wearing his Namban black and yellow singlet and I just happened to hook up with him cause he was running at my pace.

    It was a nice surprise to find out he was your mate too and it was a pleasure to meet him. Hope I get the chance to run with him again.

  17. You are on the right way, congratulations!!!

    You made this Pb so close from the the other marathon that that should be one of the clues, (if you can achive to do something like that, not me)

  18. Yay!!! What a run!!! Your time is simply staggering to me! I know you were chasing 3:20 what a fabulous feeling to have made it, even feeling as you did.

    You're an inspiration Scott - don't ever forget that.