Friday, April 29, 2016

Sakai City Marathon 2016.10K Race Report.


  1. Hi Scott. Mate that's still a great time on the back of some consistent training. Had a look at your Garmin account and was impressed to see nearly 30 runs for the month! Been a bit of a lazy sod of late so thanks for the push. I now have a new goal so keep the blog going OK. Need all the help I can get.

  2. Yes, definitely keep the blog up - I want to hear about your training. Nice that you have a good training partner.

  3. Well done. Good race.
    Will be interested in hearing how you get on with heel bump. As you know I have same which prevents me running ( sort of). I have just had some shoes designed for me in Tokyo which may help. Our cross country season has just started in Australia. Keep the blog posts coming.Always interested.

  4. Yes, keep the blog going! Those FB "friends" are just humouring you Scott - we're the ones who give you honest advice, assessment and ribbing!
    I'll give you 8/10 for the 10k (I'm a hard marker). Be careful training with Vince - don't bust a gut trying to keep up. Get the foot sorted while you're doing the off season training. Perhaps cut a hole in the heel of the offending shoe?

  5. Hey Scott Enjoyed catching up with your blog. Actually I put a link to it on my iPad screen at the start of the year but every time I checked in it looked like you hadn't updated didn't realize I needed to refresh.
    I was especially interested in your post on weight. I'm 5'6 and race weight about 64 or 63 kg I reckon if I could knock off 5 to 10 kg I'd make a breakthrough. I'm 56 with a PB set last December of 3:30:46. How tall are you Scott and what do you do to get so light? Cheers keep posting!

    1. Hi Mike

      I don't feel qualified to answer questions on diet and nutrition but that has never stopped me talking about them.;) I lost most of my weight by going low carb high fat and doing a lot of mileage, doubles work great. Still, a word of warning, if you try to race while doing a low carb diet you won’t be able to run fast. My advice is to lose the weight a month before your goal race and then go back to the carbs with a slight drop in calories. I will do that for my next race too. In my experience these extreme diets can work in the short term but not in the long term. To race well and to be at ones best you have to have a balanced diet that gives you enough energy to deal with your energy requirements in training, and those are pretty high, staving yourself will come back to bite you.

      All the best.

      BTW I'm 1meter70 and about 60kgs (at the moment) Like to race at 57~8kgs

    2. Thanks I follow the same sort of diet and have reaped many benefits including about 6 kgs of weight loss.. Low carb high fat except for beer. But I feel at my height I should be able to get under 60 kg. Or maybe for an aging mesomorph that's unrealistic. Last marathon I did a 3 day juice diet leading into race week then carb loaded the last few days that worked pretty well, but I'd like to do a full training cycle at around 60 or 61 kg. It may be time to make the ultimate sacrifice to the running gods and give up beer.

    3. Now don't go talking crazy Mike.

      But really I'm also thinking about taking a bit of a break from the booze. Let me know how you get on.