Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kameoka Half Marathon

Forgot to tell you the time. It was 1:21:35


  1. Thanks for the mention Scott. I do listen to every word (had to borrow Speedygeoff's hearing aid for this one - no sure why the volume was so low). Anyway, good race - sounds like it was worth sub 80 if you take out those issues you mention (and the hills).
    You're training hard, so are always going to be close to that line. You mention not being able to run Thus/Fri due to work, but work in itself is fatiguing and stressful, so something to think about prior to that 10k PB attempt.
    I was reminded this morning about Derek Clayton, who ran his marathon WR after being forced to rest due to injury. And I recall the great Deek saying he was 'overtraining' leading into one of his Olympic Marathons - can't remember if it was LA or Seoul. Remember that these guys were young with the recovery powers of youth. Anyway, looking forward to your year's summary.

  2. Good race! Nice way to end the year.

  3. 1.21 ... man that's good ... really good. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family Scott. Thanks for all the encouragement over the year.