Thursday, December 31, 2015



  1. Thanks Scott and Happy New Year to you old son! That's interesting about the arms... I know Speedygeoff used to always say 'imagine you're pulling a rope towards you, using your arms' - I think having the elbows in and not too open an angle, you can move your arms faster, which means the legs move faster too. Looking forward to your 2015 summary and plans for 2016.

  2. A very happy New Year to you too Scott. I've noticed you logging some very long and frequent runs of late. You're no doubt thriving in milder temperatures. 12 degrees at midday? So pleased you finished the year strongly. The highlight from your blog for me was the 'day before' shot of you standing on your bed decked out in your Boston gear. All the best in 2016. Looking forward to that run with you.

  3. Cheers boys! Who meant by saying "my loyal blog followers" were you guys. ;) Thanks for all your support as usual and Onegaishimasu for your future interest and encouragement. I'm going to need it as I get older and the fast time get harder to come by. Anyway as long as the fun times keep coming it will be alright I suppose.

  4. Happy new Year Scott and best of luck for 2016. I read back through your posts from 2009 when you broke 3 hours for the marathon for the first time and then blew that PB away a few months later with a 2:45 in Kakogawa. I noticed that the training cycle for Kakogawa consisted for very high mileage weeks (I assume that you included marathon specific training in there also) and was wondering whether you had ever returned to running such high mileage in preparation for subsequent marathons?

  5. Hey Grellan,

    Thanks for the message. I sometimes go back and reread my posts as it's easy to forget what I was up to all those years ago.

    I was running high mileage for sure but other than racing I wasn't doing anything much of anything. I'm convinced that my results came simply from a running a series of races 10K to marathons and staying fit enough not to stop for any extended period. I didn't do hardly any marathon paced runs in training but did put together about 3 years without and injury and running pretty much without a break.

    The last 3 years, up until mid 2014, were punctuated by injury and I've not been able to put together any training long or otherwise. Now although I've not had any get results lately I have been able to run without a break for about a year and a half and done some good base building and plenty of long runs so I think I'm coming up to another purple patch.

    If after this year, without injury, I don't get any PBs I'll pretty much accept I'done, but I think I'm loaded and ready to pull the trigger.

    Great to hear from you again. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!