Sunday, March 22, 2015

Boston Marathon (4 weeks out).

I said in the video I wanted to be 66kgs at the start of the Boston marathon. I meant 56kgs. I'm about 58~9 now so should be able to do it. On top of everything else weight is a key factor in running fast for me/everyone. Hard for us old guys to get down the weight as we, most of us, have years of bad eating/drinking habits. What is particularly hard for me is not putting it all back on during the taper. Anyway if I can be 56kgs at the starting line that will be new territory for me and, I hope, a contributing factor to a new Personal Record.


  1. Looking good Scott, except for the cold-sore. Coincidentally I got one this week, but after a marathon. Certainly the hard downhill running should be good for Boston - the longer the better I reckon. All the best with the last 4 weeks of training and achieving your racing weight - it certainly will make a difference come race day.

  2. On a Thursday I run 20k. During the second half of that I run 5k at a really high intensity. Last week I recorded a 3.55 over one split and thought of you ... How the hell do you do it! Love this video series. Looking forward to your next update. As for the cold sore, I’ve never had one which probably means I’m not running fast enough.

  3. Thanks for holding back on the cold sore close up Scott. Sounds like you're going well. People are saying I'm looking scrawny at 71kg (close to the weight I was in my 30s) - if I ever got to 66, let alone 56 I'd be in a hospital for sure. But I guess you're a short-arse compared to me ;-)