Monday, February 16, 2015

Boston Marathon Training in Earnest.

The link below to my Garmin Connect profile page.


  1. Always enjoy your blog. Glad things going well. Good move getting off the drink :-) Cutting out cheese will be a good move too. Good luck.

  2. Don't tell my wife but I persuaded her the Gamin fenix would just about get me to the Olympics. And why wouldn't it? It just looks so cool. That said, I've since discovered it's a useless running watch. I think some of us running bloggers need to post more product reviews to temper the buying frenzy that I in particular fall into. You're building nicely Scott but for crying out loud, lay off the beer and cheese would you!

  3. Good to hear you're rolling along well Scott. Yeah, cut back from a six-pack a day to one stubbie - that should do it. Empty calories as they say. My weight has come down from 75 to 72 since getting on the bike. Long rides burn a lot of calories! Think my best racing weight as a youngster was 70-71 although I look terrible at that weight ;)